Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Women, Lower Your Standards

 You are not a princess,

your father lied to you:)


  1. My husband works hard -or at least is a very good breadwinner, I do not know how hard he actually works, because I do not monitore him- anyway, he provides for our family AND has abs. And so do most of his friends. They are all former athletes, and realize how important it is for your well-being to exercise.

    And we are all middle-aged.

    Otherwise I totally agree. I just read J F Coopers "Deerslayer", and it was so delicious when Judith, vane and beautiful, fell in love with Natty Bumppo, almost ugly and illetare. Because he is honest, manly and trustworthy. But he wouldn't have her, even though all men were after her, because she was too keen with men.

    So I would suggest that young ladies either lower their standards OR keep their knees together. If your BMI is normal and hair long and normal colour and you are chaste, you get to choose.

    Choose wisely, young ladies.

  2. Oh I agree staying fit is important, but it's a Utube vid after all, so one doesn't expect much:)