Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The Herecy Of Equality

 this is a good one by VD:

A Gospel minister points out that “equality” is a rhetorical Enlightenment device that is still being successfully utilized against Christian civilization, to devastating effect:

Monday, November 28, 2022

Do We Need An Upper Class?

 The question is purely rhetorical, of course, since any society will have a ruling elite, that's just the way things are.

The real question is who the members of elite are going to be. In Europe in Middle Ages, the upper class consisted chiefly of warrior aristocracy, the male representatives of which were supposed to fight for the interests of the king and country and as such, had special privileges. It's no doubt that many of them nowadays would be described as a sociopath/psychopath, their equivalent nowadays would be elite mercenaries de-facto ruling the country.

This old European aristocracy blended with rising bourgeoisie later on the way as capitalism starting developing. In some countries, you got various revolutions which chiefly swept this particular category of people away, while many other European countries kept the monarchy intact but undertook some reforms and are currently trying to pretend they are shining examples of democracy. 

The truth is, the upper class became much more caste-like, secretive and insulated than even in medieval times, where you could get inheritable nobility bestowed on you for your service provided to your country while nowadays the only way to join them is either to be born in one of these families or become obscenely rich and marry into one.

And when you start looking closely at who is occupying all the positions of importance, there are still these people around. They have dropped the old "noblesse oblige"  principle and are cheerfully screwing their lessers on the behalf of the international financial elites. A funny thing is that in places like UK, they keep promoting themselves by making countless TV series and movies about themselves, like Downton Abbey which are especially popular in the USA, the country which fought a revolution to get free from the British Crown, of all places.

I honestly don't get this obsession with (British) upper classes. When you look at the consequences of their current rule, the government of elite mercs would probably be an improvement...

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Still Think S88ual Revolution Was Good?


And yet, there are some retarded men out there that still support it..,

H/t to Ramzpaul on Twitter

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Monday, November 21, 2022

Why Women?

 This is getting ridiculous. 

‘Scream groups’ are forming across the world, where women gather in parks and public places to release their frustrations

I don't really know about "across the world", here most women are still sane, lol!

The responses poured in. “I want to scream because of climate change and economic inequality,” one woman wrote. “Because of real estate agents and landlords,” said another. “My fianc├ę decided he didn’t love me anymore,” read one reply. Miller said she received more than 100 messages in the first hour. 

Yeah, whatever.

Most are drawn to the idea of unleashing their anger without inhibition. It’s a freedom participants say is hard to find in a world that can be uncomfortable with women’s rage.

 Because men's rage is encouraged, especially in the Anglosphere. Guardian is soo 1970s...

“Women want to scream,” Miller explains.  

Not all women, only basket cases. 

After the week of hell I’ve had I need a good scream!” Maryanne Lia, 45, a self-described “screamstress” and mother of four, jokes to the dozen strangers gathered in the park. A chorus of chuckles and smiles nod back in agreement.

Having children does not automatically guarantee sanity apparently, when you can't raise them properly. 

“I feel like a little bit of magic just happened,” Miller says as the group lies back on the grass, staring at the stars.

In less enlightened times, they used to call it witchcraft...

“It felt good to be able to be out of control,” one participant said of the event. Another said: “It’s the closest I have come to finding a coven.

They admit it, too!

‘No judgment … no shame’

 That's what liberalism is really all about, as if we didn't know:)

Back in Sydney, Lia shares similar sentiments about what it means to be female and furious in a world that has largely placed limits on women’s anger.

Women women women women, people are dying in wars and terror attacks, there is an economical crisis happening right now but all we hear about is how women are supposedly oppressed in the West. Talk about self-centeredness.  

 “There’s an actual proper rage and women don’t get to express it. Where can you release that? Where can you scream?

These supposedly adult females who unfortunately got voting rights simply want to throw tantrums and be applauded for being "stunning and brave" while doing it. 

Women have experienced additional stresses with work, family and social demands over the past few years, Dr Yates adds.

Whose fault is it? All these feminists insist they have to work, so I have exactly zero sympathy. 

Here is a suggestion. When I was a little girl and was throwing a tantrum my mom always suggested instead of screaming I should bang my head on the wall instead. Of course, I never did, but some of these women may like the idea, who knows? After all, 

For a brief moment our inhibitions are forgotten

P.S. Maybe it's not really their fault, poor dears

“You can’t scream at your boss, you can’t scream at your children.

In my country, you are still allowed to scream at your children without getting arrested:) 


Saturday, November 19, 2022

That's So Cute!

 Injured cat goes to ER for treatment:


The original video was on BitChute but I couldn't open it so found this one.

Here is the story. 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Trump Or DeSantis

 In light of Donald Trump announcing his 2024 campaign, what do you think?

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Black Lady Criticises Wakanda

 Warning: language


She's had enough of feminism. Honestly, as a woman I have always been disgusted by the "female warrior" trope to such a degree that I simply refuse to watch anything with it. It's mostly nerdy men who watch this type of movies anyway so all these kick-a88 babes are put there to cater to their tastes. When a guy totally lacks masculinity himself the thought of a strong independent womyn who will take care of him like mommy rather than vice versa must be very attractive. I guess that's what "gamma male" is all about.

She is right that men are simply being erased from the screen and it's only getting worse. Compare the original LOTR trilogy. There is a bit of feminism demonstrated by Arwen  (Eowyn going to battle was in the book) but that's it. In "Hobbit" we get the ridiculous female elf warrior Tauriel which was not in the original story (there is not ONE female in the whole book as it was clearly written for boys) but she is still only a minor character. Yet the recent Amazon production has Galadriel the warrior queen as its main protagonist. 

Star Wars idem ditto. Now Wakanda. They can't invent anything new really so they just take an old movie and remake it with all female leads. Indiana Jones is going to be a girl, too, btw. Boy am I glad I don't watch this drivel any more...

Monday, November 14, 2022

Please Don't Kill Yourself!

 This is a good one by VD:

If your life sucks and you simply can’t see any way out, instead of ending it, why not make that radical change that has always fascinated you but struck you as completely impossible? Why not imagine that your present life is over, so now you’ve got the chance to live one of the other lives that you would have lived if you had nine of them?

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Dangers Of Alcohol(ism)

 Exhibit 1001:

Before you reach for another cocktail, consider this. Binge drinking is to blame for 20% of the deaths of American adults between the ages of 20 and 49 over a recent four-year period, a new study found...

 Researchers examined national and state mortality data from 2015-19, noting that deaths fully attributable to alcohol have risen in the past decade.

As Western society continues disintegrating, expect to see more of this.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

How Popular Is Pro-Life Agenda

 I mean WTF?

Michigan will become the next state to legalzie abortions up to birth after voters approved the dangerous and radical Proposition 3 to would elimiate every single pro-life law in the state, including parental consent.

 Of course, there is talk about buying votes and stuff:

The 55-45 result in favor of the pro-abortion amendment was not surprising given the millions of dollars leftist billionaires pooured into the state to buy votes with false and misleading television commercials that lied about the effects of the measure. Rich, elite billionaires from New York and the Bahamas flooded the airwaves with ads that confused voters and made the measure seem as if it was just supporting health care for women.

I'm sorry but I just see it as cope at this point. If the voters are so stupid that you can mislead them with TV commercials, should they be allowed to vote at all?

You can't always blame the MSM, rich elites, Soros etc.

...billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, who frequently donate to leftist political causes, have poured millions of dollars into Michigan to pass Proposal 3.

There is also such thing as personal responsibility. Voters aren't small kids and shouldn't be treated as such. The problem with right-wingers is that they tend to live in a bubble and communicate chiefly with like-minded people and they simply can't accept the fact that many of their countrymen support things they themselves see as evil.

For anyone who  voted for abortion up to birth, I wonder they can sleep at night or look in the mirror...

Monday, November 7, 2022

R.I.P. Vigga

 My guinea pig died this weekend. It was a very special guinea pig as she became 8 years 1 month old. Internet says they normally live 4 to 8 years but mine all died between 2 and 3 years of age, except this one.

In September she got a bladder infection which we treated  with antibiotics, she survived but was still very weak. Yet last week she started eating and drinking better and could walk better, too. 

Saturday before we left for the camping, I gave her a piece of an apple, a kiwi peel and a slice of cucumber and she ate it all and was happy. Yesterday, when we came home in the evening, she lay dead in her cage.

We had to take the car and drive to the forest and dig a grave and we buried her by the road in perfect darkness with the rain pouring down all the time. 

She had a good life and I hope she can rest now as she was really getting very old and frail...


Friday, November 4, 2022

Christians And Divorce

 I'm sure most of you heard that Christians supposedly divorce as much as non-believers? Today I even read something worse, as an argument against Christian religion, namely, that Christians divorce more than secular people.

Is it actually true? Let's find out:

Dr. Brad Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project, states that “‘active conservative protestants who attend church regularly are actually 35% less likely to divorce than those who have no religious preferences”...

...there’s definite good news regarding divorce rates and Christians: contrary to what’s been reported for years, the divorce rate is not 50 percent; it’s more like 30 percent. And then we find that people who keep God at the center of their home and family stay married at far greater rates, and even thrive within those marriages. One of the reasons for this is that those whose first commitment is to the lordship of Jesus put fewer expectations upon their spouses to meet emotional needs that only God can meet. The lessening of unrealistic expectations gives marriages a stronger foundation upon which to withstand difficult times.

 Of course, ideally the divorce rates among professing Christians should be really close to 0%. But, going to church definitely helps!

Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Transformation Of Roosh V

 Is there someone out there who is still reading him? In the last couple of years he appears to have changed from some sort of a red pill Christian into a religious fanatic who keeps banning people left and right for a slightest disagreement and is deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories (viruses and infection diseases don't exist, anyone?)

He is probably on the path of becoming a monk in some strict monastic order. This whole corona stuff has pushed lots of people over the edge, imo. Thoughts?