Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Black Lady Criticises Wakanda

 Warning: language


She's had enough of feminism. Honestly, as a woman I have always been disgusted by the "female warrior" trope to such a degree that I simply refuse to watch anything with it. It's mostly nerdy men who watch this type of movies anyway so all these kick-a88 babes are put there to cater to their tastes. When a guy totally lacks masculinity himself the thought of a strong independent womyn who will take care of him like mommy rather than vice versa must be very attractive. I guess that's what "gamma male" is all about.

She is right that men are simply being erased from the screen and it's only getting worse. Compare the original LOTR trilogy. There is a bit of feminism demonstrated by Arwen  (Eowyn going to battle was in the book) but that's it. In "Hobbit" we get the ridiculous female elf warrior Tauriel which was not in the original story (there is not ONE female in the whole book as it was clearly written for boys) but she is still only a minor character. Yet the recent Amazon production has Galadriel the warrior queen as its main protagonist. 

Star Wars idem ditto. Now Wakanda. They can't invent anything new really so they just take an old movie and remake it with all female leads. Indiana Jones is going to be a girl, too, btw. Boy am I glad I don't watch this drivel any more...


  1. The strong black woman trope is a strong one in American culture. I'm not shocked to hear that Wakanda Forever is just more of the same. It's unfortunate, but hardly a surprise.

  2. We've had this tendency for quite some time but it's getting worse lately!