Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Transformation Of Roosh V

 Is there someone out there who is still reading him? In the last couple of years he appears to have changed from some sort of a red pill Christian into a religious fanatic who keeps banning people left and right for a slightest disagreement and is deep down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories (viruses and infection diseases don't exist, anyone?)

He is probably on the path of becoming a monk in some strict monastic order. This whole corona stuff has pushed lots of people over the edge, imo. Thoughts?


  1. Never heard of him (what does it tell about me? :-) ) so I needed to google him. All I can say is that if he is in his early 40's it is a age for many to 'wake up' and change course, kind of growing up. 'This can't be all that is', 'Now suddenly I've seen the truth', the truth being whatever. Transitioning from young adulthood's 'I know it all' into 'perhaps my parents weren't all wrong'

  2. I'm afraid he's falling from one extreme into the other:) His forum, e.g., used to be quite interesting. Then I stopped following it for some time and come back and see that he banned like half of the members...

  3. I haven't read any of Roosh's stuff for a very long time now, but I do wonder if the banning is more related to old timers' refusal to accept that he has a new outlook on life and sexuality. He's built his brand on the idea that women are for sexual enjoyment. And to the extent that they don't esteem their own sexual purity, why should he?

    A lot of men took that message to heart, and he had quite a following. I imagine a significant number are quite unnerved or even repulsed by his new found commitment to sexual purity, and are refusing to play by the new rules.

    I don't know, but that may the source of the banning. People don't generally appreciate it when their icons decide to go on an evolutionary journey, LOL.

    1. Sanne, sorry for neglecting to put my name up there in the preceding comment.

  4. It's true, in the beginning of his transformation he was banning all these wanna-be PUAs who used to hang around his forum. He then made every member show their religious status, like Orthodox, Catholic etc. But then he appears to have started banning even other Christians and other Orthodox (!) for some slight theological/political differences. It's just not fun any more. It somehow coincided with last year vaxx push and all the conspiracy theories floating around, which he enthusiastically supported. For a trained microbiologist to entertain the idea that infectious diseases don't exist , you really need to go deep down the rabbit hole!

  5. I've always despised the Roosh types whether male or female. I have no empathy for someone who admits screwing around like an animal and then finds religion and then wants to impose that standard on everyone else. Yeah, he had some fanatics at his forum, so it became a waste. I'm an agnostic and don't profess sexual purity or any other, but simply find these types damn annoying.

  6. I think his conversion was sincere and as a Christian, I'm happy someone found Jesus. For some time, he appeared quite fine and seemed to have found a balance between his new-found faith and the stuff they used to discuss at his place. And then he went off the deep end...

    Whatever psychological problems he had, the pandemic stuff made them worse. I've seen it in real life, too, unfortunately.

    Personally I find it a pity because his forum used to have some interesting discussions about male-female dynamics etc.