Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Halloween 2023

 My autumn decorations:



And the special Halloween cake:

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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Woke Religion In The Church

 The problem with conservatives:

No matter how much a conservative Christian agrees with me superficially, I’ve come to realize that he will always side with the woke against me whenever their shared fundamental beliefs about pluralism, secularism, equality, multiculturalism, and globalism are threatened.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The Real Reason Western Women Work

 There are actually two, but before discussing them I'll take you back in time to the 1960s. 

When my parents-in-law married, my mother-in-law was about 19 years old. She had no debts and no college education. She quit her job right away. The 1st year of their marriage, they had no house of their own and rented an attic by Grandma. When their first child was born, they moved into a 55m2 apartment, and they spent their whole life there. They went on to raise 3(!) children there. My husband's room was so small, he had a bed which could be put up and down. When it was down, the door couldn't get open. His sisters shared a room together. 

My father-in-law died in this apartment, and my mother-in-law stayed there till the end of her life. It was a rental, btw, they never owned property. Nowadays, the whole apartment complex has been turned into senior homes, mostly widowed people live there. You get my point? 

The house in which my mother-in-law grew up still stands, too. They used to live there with 8 people (the parents and 6 children). This type houses now go on sale as "starter's homes for 1 person". So here is the 1st reason most married Western women choose to work. The insatiable greed and materialism. Whatever these women have, it's never enough. The average family size went from 4 kids to 1.5, while an average home size went from 2-3 bedrooms (my father-in-law was brought up in a 2bedroom rental and he had to share his bedroom with his sister. His mother didn't work) to 6 or 7.

And then you have "many luxury vacations", the latest model cars bought on credit (my mother-in-law didn't even have a driving license, she bicycled everywhere) and so on and so forth. Because the princess is only worth the best. Of course, let's be fair, there are also men like this. There are husbands which insist their wives work. But most modern Western men are easy-going (much too easy, in my opinion), and don't really need that much. They don't mind one way or the other, whether their wives work or not. But when she comes with student's loans, won't cooperate with his financial plans, can't budget and won't do any housework, of course even the modern soyboy will often rebel and tell her to go earn her own income.

 Because it also sounds progressive and less s8xist than "shut up and go cook dinner", which he really should be saying. 

Reason n2 is that modern women simply don't want to submit to their husbands. If she quits her job, she is basically at his mercy. "The one who pays, decides". Often nowadays, they are the children of divorce, or even worse, illegitimate, and all these girls were raised with an idea that "all men are bastards" and that you shouldn't trust them. 

The little time they spend at home, they are glued to the modern msm, which tells them they need to be strong and independent. If they stop earning, there is still a chance the husband would ask her to do at least some housework, and she views it as a fate worse than death, because housework, cooking and childcare is beneath her. She'd rather force her husband do it, to remind him who is really in charge.

The truth is, you can still live like in the 1950s, if you accept that you standard of living will be lower that what is considered normal nowadays. I'd also like to add a word of warning to women, so that I'm not accused of being biased against them:) While most modern women aren't brought up to be wives in the traditional sense, not all men can be decent husbands, either. Avoid "starving artists", various addicts, violent criminal types, wh8remongers and mama's boys. None of them make good husbands. 

And while the first four are obvious, mama's boys often come across as "sweet, loving, being from a good family" types but they are a real poison. They are weak, lazy, entitled, accustomed to being served on hand and foot, accustomed that all their problems are solved by someone else, and will get a burnout and let you be the breadwinner, while their mommy will accuse you of not being sympathetic enough to her little snowflake. 

By the time a man starts contemplating marriage, he should be independent and assertive, have a steady job and enough income to buy/rent a place of his own. It doesn't have to be a villa, just a separate dwelling from his parents. That's about all for today:) I must go make dinner, 'cause my husband expects it.

Sunday, October 22, 2023

S8x: Men Vs Women

 In one country, the government did a survey on how many adults were married. To their surprise, they found out that there were many more married women than men (the country didn't allow polygamy). So when they started investigating the issue, they found out that most women living together with men outside wedlock wrote themselves down as "married", while their partners all wrote down "single".

There is this thing they don't teach girls about nowadays, because it is "s8xist". Men are very good at compartmentalising their feelings. As my Grandpa used to say, there are women you marry and there are "all the others" if you get what I mean. Feminists did their best to obscure the difference, but it still exists, especially if you venture outside Western MSM. 

I'll give you one example from the Turkish historical  TV series The Magnificent Century (I wrote about it here). One of the characters, Bali Bey (one of the most handsome men in the show, btw), though an aristocrat, falls for a daughter of a commoner and in the end, marries her, but the girl dies from plague before they can even consummate. After the funeral, he spends a night alone at her grave, sees her shadow and swears an oath to never love or marry another woman again.

 Later he visits his home province and meets his childhood sweetheart, the daughter of another wealthy landowner who rejected all her other suitors because she was waiting for him. She tells him she loves him, and Bali Bey says that he can't answer her feelings and she should find someone else as he will never look at another woman again.

And after this...he returns back to the capital and starts visiting the same wh8re-house and patronising the same pr8stitute he did before his marriage. For him, there is no contradiction, and he keeps his oath to never remarry, refusing even a foreign princess, and later, the Sultan's own daughter. Because his relationship with Helene (the Greek wh8re) has absolutely nothing to do with the kind of love he felt for his wife or could feel for any "decent" woman. That's the way many men are. Women can argue that it's unfair till they are blue in the face, but it won't change the reality.

When you are young and attractive, men will run after you and shower you with attention. They will tell you all sorts of pretty lies, with one objective in their minds. Bali Bey in the beginning wasn't even contemplating marriage to the shopkeeper's daughter. He wanted an easy fling. It's only when she rejected his advances, that his attitude changed. If the man really loves you, he should marry you. And provide for you. If you agree to anything less than that, one day, you'll regret it.

Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Generation Of Lotus Eaters

 Gen Z is stuck in eternal childhood, thanks to their mothers…

A widely-shared video showcases a young man who, by any standard, should be in the prime of his life—earning money and looking for a wife. Instead, he’s trapped in perpetual adolescence, largely due to a mother held back by her own fears of loneliness and feeling obsolete. Unfortunately, this is becoming symbolic of today’s “modern man.” 

I can attest that I personally know mothers and sons like this. 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Did Victorians Worship Women?

 It's an interesting topic to research but right now I don't have time:) So far I found this old article by Dalrock about the connection between Victorian chivalry and female suffrage:

 But despite the fact that fighting feminism with chivalry is a reliable way to empower feminism, traditional conservatives aren’t about to change tactics.  Thus we have complementarians who are convinced that women won’t rebel against headship and submission, if only men are chivalrous enough.

I haven't had time to read the comments there. If you have any ideas, feel free to post them. Personally I tend to think that this overblown chivalry was more an American (or, at least, an Anglo-American) phenomenon than the European one but I could be mistaken.

Monday, October 16, 2023

Men Are Intelligent

I know that's not what they taught you, but nevertheless, it's true:)

I want to tell you 2 stories. The first one, I read online. The 2nd happened in real life.

So the story N1 goes as follows. There was a family once, a husband and a wife. The wife was a successful business woman. She had a great career and earned quite a bit of money. The husband, not so much. In fact, he had difficulty holding a job and when he tried various business projects, they all failed somehow. Yet, the family needed money, so the wife started working more and more and became even more successful. The guy, on the other hand, dropped out of the workforce altogether.

The wife was very upset and they began fighting constantly. Then, one day...he ran away with another woman. The wife was shocked, she couldn't figure out why any woman at all would want that loser. To her dismay, her ex soon succeeded at his new project, made lots of money and became quite wealthy, while his new wife stayed home and didn't work at all. Why couldn't he be like this with me??? his 1st wife kept asking.

Story N2 is about a couple where both spouses worked. Yet the husband somehow never managed to find full employment and worked shorter hours than he liked. His wife worked 3 days a week and supplemented the family income. She then became very sick and couldn't work for a long time. Finally, her sick leave drew to an end, and then she decided to quit altogether because her health still wasn't much better and she was easily tired. They had young children and missed that money. Then, as if by a miracle, the husband found a full time job so their money problems were solved.

Modern women are taught that in order "to help their husband", they must go out and find a job, however, sometimes, the best course of action is just to stay where you are and inspire your husband to be masculine by your femininity. Men are strong and intelligent, they can figure it all out on their own, if the women let them:)

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Socialism Vs Capitalism

 As I'm leaving for the weekend and don't have time to write anything, I'd like to highlight this post by Mark Moncrieff:

 Liberalism puts forward the idea that we must choose between two extremes, if you don't support free speech then you support all speech being controlled. If you don't support free trade then you don't believe in trade. The choice between Capitalism and Socialism is one of those extreme positions, because like most people I actually think that a good economy has a bit of both, but not too much of either.


Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cinderella Vs The Stepmother's Daughter

 I remember when I was young a friend of mine used to tease me. She'd phone early in the morning during school vacations and if I was still in bed she'd tell me that only the Stepmother's daughter would be up so late. My friend had to do a lot of housework growing up. I still had to help at home, of course, but less than her, you see.

When I started working I was still living with my parents. I had to give a part of my income to my mother to pay for the costs of living. I used gas, electricity and water, plus there were taxes to pay and we as a family had a common budget for food. I think it was not more than fair.

How many girls nowadays are doing this? How many parents require it? Boys, too, btw. What I witness quite often, is mothers getting back to work to provide adult children living at home with money for benzine, clothes and luxury vacations while also doing most of the housework. Later, they will complain that nobody wants her spoiled prince/princess.

This is purely a Western phenomenon. Last year when I was dealing with aftermath of Covid I spent lots of time watching movies online and somehow found a channel with Pakistani TV series. I got a real cultural shock when I watched some of them. It showed mothers just nicely sitting around while their daughters ( we are talking here about college students, not small children) were serving them, bringing tea, cooking dinner and doing housework in general. One girl was shown as lazy and of poor character and she didn't do much at home citing her studies as an excuse and her mother (it was a single mom, lol) was complaining what a horrible daughter she had.

Here it's the norm, unfortunately. It wasn't always like this. For instance, my mother-in-law while still living at home had to knit socks for everyone, while her sister had to cook and feed breakfast to other kids. My mother-in-law was the 2nd oldest of 7. She and her elder brother had to do family laundry every week before going to school. That's how women of that generation managed to raise big families. They simply didn't wait on their children hand and foot, like modern moms do too often. They also didn't usually babysit their grandkids, that was the mother's job; and neither did they keep on financially supporting their adult children living separately well into their 40s and 50s. 

Somehow we all forgot that it's Cinderella which we should aspire to, not the obnoxious, lazy and entitled Stepmother's daughter. It's Cinderella that the Prince Charming chose and not some spoiled foreign princess, either:) Somewhere there is a lesson in this story...

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

In Defence Of Male Lust

 Or rather, male desire. Many Christians seem to have real problem with it. I just googled "The Song Of Solomon" and found articles trying to explain it away as "the picture of Jesus and the Church", questioning whether it's canonical and apologising for Solomon's polygamy. Because, you know, polygamy, while obviously not ideal/the original God's design is never actually forbidden anywhere in the Bible or expressly called sinful, unlike other "alternative" lifestyles which many Christians now express sympathy for. Just as long as men don't desire women it's fine, I guess...

And Solomon, btw, was criticised for taking too many foreign wives, because they turned away his heart from God. Also, obviously, nobody can be a good husband to 1000 women. But David was also polygamist and not really criticised or punished for that, unlike for his adultery with Bathsheba.

Now, speaking of adultery, the Bible verse which forbids male lust, talks precisely about it:

But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. 2

 In order for a man to commit adultery with a woman, she has to be the wife of someone else. This is perfectly in line with the 10th Commandment:

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

BTW, adultery in the Bible is defined in this way:

10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.  

Married man visiting pr8stitutes is obviously wrong, but it's fornication and wh8ring, not adultery and before the triumph of Western feminism, the wife usually couldn't get divorce on these grounds alone, unless there was also some form of abuse/abandonment present.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of male desire. If it didn't exist, there would be very few marriages and children born. Of course, the desire alone is not a very solid basis for marriage, there should be also considerations of character and compatibility but unless we are talking about 100% marriage of convenience, a man isn't going to run after a woman he doesn't find attractive. 

I'll even go further than that, a normal heter8s8xual woman is supposed to desire her husband, too.  She must find him attractive enough for these purposes, because marital bed is a very important part of marriage. In fact, until the marriage is you know, consummated, it's not considered a marriage at all and even medieval Catholic Church allowed annulment in these cases.

Thus, s8x is literally what makes marriage a real marriage and not just two friends cohabiting. Somehow, men are constantly made to feel ashamed for "objectifying" women.  They are supposed to "earn" the access to marital bed by performing tricks being good boys

On the other hand, you will have internet gurus telling wives just to "grin and bear it", to satisfy their husbands. While they look like the exact opposite of the 1st group, they proceed from the same idea. That s8x is something unpleasant, what "good girls" aren't supposed to really like, but should perform as a chore/duty. No wonder, we have so many divorces.

As a wife, you should be glad that your husband (still) desires you, and not some other woman, especially after many years of marriage. Don't let yourself go, take a good care of your health, try to look feminine and enjoy it when your husband comes home from work and runs after you. Don't be a tight-laced prude and don't turn into his mommy. Men usually love their mothers, but don't desire them:)


Sunday, October 8, 2023

I'm Back!

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Regular posting will be resumed soon.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

A Short Personal Note

 We are going on vacation. Again:) I know I still haven't posted the pictures from our summer vacation, which I'm still planning to do, but for now we are leaving. I'll be back in a week. See you later! 

P.S. The comments moderation will be temporarily put on, just in case:)