Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Question For My Readers

I hope you'll all excuse me for not resuming the regular posting until after the funeral which takes place this Friday.  In the meanwhile, I remember than one of my commenters once stated that he became a vegetarian out of health considerations ( I think it was a he, so to say:) So what is your favourite diet and did you experience any health benefits due to it? Feel free to share in the comments!

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Family Update

My father-in-law died this morning at home at 5.45 am. The last week was rough. Thank you everyone who prayed.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Demon Of Divorce

This video is from a Catholic perspective, but will probably be of interest to anyone who supports traditional marriage and family:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Speaking Of Respect

I got this comment on one of my recent posts:

It would be nice if housewives were extended the same gracious acceptance of personal choice that other women are extended. (By Elspeth)

While it's bad enough in the USA or in my own country, it all pales in comparison to UK. BBC recently did a segment about a lady who chose to be a housewife and the reactions of woke twitter are well, judge for yourself:

I don't want to link to it directly because reasons. But if you don't care for reading through triggered progressives' diatribes, I'll post a summary:


Congratulations, Great Britain! Your progressives have officially reached the levels of insanity wokeness previously thought only possible in Sweden since staying home and taking care of your family now apparently equals being a Nazi.

Britain yes!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Bees On Thot Patrol

Queen stingless bees face a greater risk of being executed if they do not remain faithful to one male, new research has found...

Scientists said queens which mated with more than one worker were more likely to produce infertile offspring, otherwise known as diploid males.

 The colony will then execute the queen because the offspring are defective and cannot reproduce...

Scientists found that the queen doubled her chance of being executed if she mated with two males.   

Read the whole article over here

Friday, January 17, 2020

Working Women Vs Housewives

Disclaimer: I'm not writing this post to pile on working women, and I know that some probably don't have a choice; while, on the other hand, we all know women who stay home but do little housework or mothering. That said, housewives are often confronted by working women, in real life and online, and accused of laziness, because the said working women have this strange idea that they both earn an income AND do the same amount of work at home, which is very obviously not true, and I'm going to prove it.

A mother who works any amount of hours outside home while having children of preschool age is quite obviously NOT spending this time with her children hence not mothering them. Any woman who uses after school care, help of granny or a nanny, idem ditto. They will tell you that they are with their kids in the evening, well, and so is a stay-at-home mother! Quality time after working 6 to 8 hours and commuting while quickly coking dinner is a myth.

Speaking of cooking, working women will tell you that they, too, cook. Someone told me she cooks once a week and freezes her dinners. While it's better than fast food so many families exist on nowadays, it's not equal to making dinner every day from fresh ingredients, the way a normal housewife does.

Shopping for better ingredients and bargains takes up a lot of time, too, and guess what? Many working people nowadays do all of their shopping online and have it delivered to their house. Since they pretty much outsource it, you can hardly say they do the same amount of work.

As for housecleaning, it's something which is difficult to compare since all the homes are different. Yet I keep hearing of women who clean their bathroom once in 3 (!) weeks or  single ladies living in a small studio apartment which hardly takes much time to clean or couples who have parents (!) cleaning their houses while they both work comparing themselves to someone who has a decent size family home with a garden and a family with small kids.

It's simply the cold hard truth that there are but so many hours in the day and if you spend them working away from home or hanging out with friends, you aren't spending this time working at home or taking care of your kids, so no, dear working lady, you are very clearly not doing the same thing a full time homemaker does.

 Again, I'm not attacking working women, just gently reminding them that housewives don't appreciate catty comments about them "wasting their time and potential at home" just like a working lady would probably get angry if told that she was just a paper-pusher in some office or something similar. If modern society is all about "choice" than the choice to be a traditional homemaker should be respected as well.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Fatherlessness Map Part 2 - My Thoughts

Here as promised, just a couple of things which make one wonder.

First, let's compare two African countries, Mali and Kenya: Mali consists of 95% Muslims and has 1% children living in single parents households, vs respectively 84.8% of Christians in Kenya and the amount of single parent households comparable to that of the Western countries (16%).

Next, you have 12% of single parent households in Germany, a country with lots of Catholics (and even less in a predominantly Catholic Poland) vs 21% in Protestant UK and 23% in Protestant USA.

Does it mean that Islam is superior to Christianity and Catholicism to Protestantism? Obviously, as a Protestant Christian myself, I don't think so and here is the proof: according to the data from the blog called Secular Patriarchy in 1867 the divorce rate in the USA was 2.8%, the total of all women working around the same time was 13.1%  while the illegitimacy rate even as recent as a hundred years ago was only 2%.

So, what changed? Jesse Powell and one of my commenters both tie it up with married women working outside home, and while it's definitely a factor, I think there is more to this. I don't know whether in Kenya more women currently work than in Mali (which could very well be true), but every Muslim country has laws that will be based on their religion, which even though it allows divorce, strongly discourages it. Catholic countries typically have stricter divorce laws, too. I know that in Germany you have to live separately for at least one year to be granted a divorce.

Now, to quote Jesse again: Due to the introduction of no-fault divorce where either the husband or wife can initiate a divorce simply as a matter of choice without having to prove “fault” of the other party the divorce rate went from 25.8% in 1960 to 48.1% in 1975.

There are many people out there who will tell you that laws don't really matter, but it's hardly true. Scriptures actually teach us that the law exists for the lawless and disobedient, which  every society has its share of, and the absence of the legal framework to contain them will only embolden them further and drag  others into the ruin.

Looking at the history of the family breakdown in the West one can't help but wonder whether it was all by design. 

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How Women Undermine Other Women

For years, progressives have told women to beware of men who are apparently constantly dreaming of oppressing them, yet, in my experience, it's often women who are other women's greatest enemy. Of course, I'm not talking here of criminal cases when a woman becomes a victim of mugging and violence, but rather about day-to-day encounters with people.

One thing which is often under attack, is your marriage. They say "misery loves company" and they are right. Women who have a bad marriage or relationship or are single/divorced will often do everything possible to destroy yours. I will right now put a disclaimer saying that not everyone is like that, but too many are, and what is worse, they are often doing it unconsciously, and sometimes, even under the guise of religion.

There is something all Christians should keep in mind: our religion explicitly FORBIDS divorce, with few caveats, which some churches, like the Catholics or some IF Baptists  interpret as non-existent. God doesn't want you to be happy if it means divorcing your husband. God explicitly states in His Scriptures that He hates divorce. Yes, there are possible exceptions, but the general principle is that you should stay together until Death do us part. Being bored/communication problems/not enough romance IS NOT one of those exceptions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the husband is the head of the family. While I do think that some interpretations of this principle go too far, it still means that you should at the very least, listen to his opinions and preferences and try to act accordingly. If he has a preference for you to stay home, you shouldn't be running out to get a job "to be independent".

You see, that's the first line of attack on your family. It works like this: a lady will complain (nowadays often online) that she isn't satisfied with her marriage, usually for some trivial reason like there is no sparkle any more or something similar and if somebody could give her advice on how to improve the situation. May be, she's really looking for the solutions or may be she just wants to vent, the result often is that a dozen other women (most of them divorced) will tell her how all men s**k, how she needs to plan for divorce (and even how to frame her husband for non-existing abuse) and at the very least, that she should be "her own person" and totally independent from her husband.

The sad part is that some of these women consider themselves Christians. There is something seriously wrong with your head if you think that a Christian woman could commit adulteries against her husband (I've seen this recommended, too) and stay in God's Will.

Housewives are even more of a target since the first thing they will hear if they ever complain (and even if they don't) is that they urgently need to find a job, because didn't ya know you should have your own money and stuff. Here the homewrecker (because make no mistake, that's what these women are) will usually apply a double-edge tactic: on the one hand, you should feel ashamed for making your poor husband work so hard, but on the other hand, all men are dastards and you should get a job as not to depend on this pig.

Unfortunately, it works on some weak minds. The woman, egged on by friends and family, will look for ways to get more independent which inevitably leads to the divorce court and sometimes worse, and then when she discovers that single life isn't all it's cracked up to be, she'll try to start another relationship, but will make the same mistakes.

For a Christian lady, you should be guided by God's Word, not your emotions or the herd of bitter women out there. And, apart from that, folks in the West often have very unrealistic expectations about what your (married) life should be. While in some countries people are grateful if they have enough to feed their children, Western women often expect their life to be one big holiday, without any mundane stuff such as scrubbing the toilets or changing diapers. It simply doesn't work this way but unfortunately, that's exactly the image presented by modern entertainment where the heroines often live the life of constant glamour and excitement.

In my previous post, I linked to the couple of articles about European centenarians. An interesting thing is that the majority of them live in small isolated villages and hardly ever watch TV so that they are content with what they have. Contentment is really the key to happiness and long life, I think we should all remember it.

Also, you shouldn't expect your husband to be your girl-friend. Men are different. Try to build a support network of good friends and family because women need a bit of gossiping and socialising, but avoid bitter types at all costs, otherwise your family may very well be next to be destroyed.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

World's Oldest Lady Just Had Her Birthday


Kane Tanaka has extended her record as the world's oldest person by celebrating her 117th birthday at a nursing home in Fukuoka in southern Japan.
Tanaka marked her birthday with a party on Sunday along with staff and friends at the nursing home, television footage from local broadcaster TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co showed.

Read more over here. 

The highest percentage of centenarians currently live in Japan but apparently some regions of Italy and Greece have lots of them as well:

Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year New Project

I'm quite proud of myself on the account of the two new aprons I made last Friday, using the idea and instructions from this book:

which I had featured in one of my previous posts. I simplified her original design a bit and my ties are shorter than hers

partly by necessity as I didn't have enough fabric (and had to use two pieces sewn together for the band) and also because I don't really care for such long ties anyway. The fabric actually comes from Aldi and was prepackaged. 2 meters was enough for 2 aprons which are slightly different, as you can see:

I used the original sizes, but you easily could make it longer if you wished to.

Here is a picture of the 2nd one:

Inspired by my success, I'm now planning another project!

Also: it's Epiphany today.