Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy Sylvester

Happy Sylvester/New Year Eve, everyone!

Best wishes for the coming 2020! Our food this year is going to be in  Scandinavian style, aka smorrebrod, I'll update with some pics later today.

Herring with onion and egg, beet root salad and apple, kraut, boiled potato slices, meat balls and mustard sandwiches

rice pudding with ground almonds, whipped cream and jam

and two sorts of home-made oliebollen (one regular, one with raisins and apples). I always bake mine in the oven instead of deep-frying.

Happy New 2020 for all my readers! I love you, guys!

Monday, December 30, 2019

How To Survive on 10$ A Week

Those of us struggling financially will probably find these videos interesting:

How to Eat for $10 a Week Part 1


Check her 1$ meal series, they are good, too!

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Winter Books And Crafts

Can you believe that it was supposed to be called "November books" but so many things happened right after I took these photos...I still would like to share them with you.

So the first book I bought at the market in Rotterdam, for 1 (!) euro. The salesman told me I was like 500th person who took interest but apparently they were all too cheap to spend 1 euro for this wonderful children's book

with really great illustrations

It was written by Tor Age Bringsvaerd who is, I think, a Swede, or in any case, a Scandinavian. Your children would love it!

Next I bought myself some Tilda

to continue with the Scandinavian theme:)

I could recommend Tone Finnanger's books to any lady who is craft-minded. I already made two gift bags and my next project is supposed to be an apron since I desperately need a couple of new ones. But even if you don't sew, it's just a very nice book with great decoration ideas!

My last one for today is this German book:

I really should have written about it before Christmas, since the whole book is about various Christmas projects, with some cross-stitching patterns, like this one:

I actually don't cross-stitch, not because I can't but because it's bad for my eyes, so I had a brilliant idea to convert it into a knitting pattern, and here is the result:

I promptly started working at another project but then the kittens grew older and I was forced to put it aside for a while. I just picked it up again this morning, comforting myself by the thought that there is nothing especially Christmas-y about it, it's just another generic Scandinavian red and white pattern (shown on the cover), even though it has moose in it:)

I'll share the end result with you when it's finished.

Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas holidays with your loved ones, and while you are at it, please spare a thought and a prayer for those who are by some reason forced to spend these days alone, single and lonely people need our love, too!

Friday, December 27, 2019

It's Not Over Yet!!!

Don't forget that there are supposed to be twelve day of Christmas:)

Anyone else remember singing this song at school?

Monday, December 23, 2019

And...They Are All Girls!!!

The "gender reveal party" was quite a shock for me, as by some strange reason, I was perfectly sure that one was a female while three others were toms. I had to ask the vet if he weren't by any chance mistaken or just kidding me:)

Today is their last day together as tomorrow one of the girlies will leave us for her new owner, a very nice old lady, as a Christmas present from her family and after Christmas, two other sisters will follow suit. I think I'm going to cry...

But there is good news: we have decided to keep the last one so after the holidays I'm going to introduce to you our new family addition!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Fourth Sunday Of Advent

I'm really late this year with Advent posts, due to all sorts of things (and in fact, this is the first weekend I spent at home in months and only due to basically being down with flu) but I still thought I have to  continue with the tradition of showing you my Christmas decorations. We don't have a real big tree this year because of the kittens, but we still did our best to make it cosy!

P.S. There is no real flame anywhere.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Be Quick: Only Three More Days Left

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Most Important Decision In Your Life

is, for any woman, choosing a man you are going to marry. You aren't just choosing a romantic partner, you are choosing the father of your children, and since children inherit 50% of their genes from the father, your future children as well.

If you are a Christian, the most important thing about your future husband should be whether he is a Christian himself. If you choose a fixer upper in the hopes of reforming him by the power of your "love" you are gambling and may be in for a very rude awakening. You are also disregarding the clear command in the Scriptures on not being unequally yoked and will probably reap the consequences.

(I actually believe that this command has a broader meaning and ideally, one should choose a spouse from a similar background.)

The second most important quality of your future husband is his ability to earn a living. I'm honestly quite alarmed at the amount of young women moving in with some guy who doesn't even want to marry them and working full time and overtime to support him and pay the rent. You AREN'T supposed as a woman to provide for an able-bodied man and even worse, one who isn't even your own husband. If a man doesn't have a stable income and some kind of a shelter he has no business to start a family. It's just that simple.

If you wish to marry young, then you should probably look up to men in their late twenties who are more or less financially established.

There is another factor to figure in. In a Christian family, the husband is the head and his wife is supposed to submit, but it will be much easier for you if you have similar ideas about things like child-raising, which church to go etc, so it makes a lot of sense to discuss these things beforehand. If you keep fighting all the time, will it make for a good relationship in the future?

We have all been taught by the MSM that marriage is all about "love" and "romance" and yet for the elites behind it, marriage is a hard business decision which has to do with furthering your blood line and your family wealth. I'm not saying that we should be equally mercenary in our actions, but it usually pays off to learn from those who are successful at something and not those who fail. The virtues of hard work, saving money instead of burning it up on frivolous entertainment, and being able to delay gratification, ultimately will pay off in the future.

Outside of the wealthy, most men in the times past and in many countries, also  the women would work and save before they could afford to marry. In fact, I was criticised for my last post but I've read statistics which showed that well before modern feminism, in the previous centuries the average marriage age for men in Northern Europe was about 30 and for women, 28. The reason for it was that since one income family was the norm, both had to save money in order to get married.

Marrying right out of high school was popularised by baby boomers, I believe, and is often pushed nowadays as the "return to the good old times" but the truth behind it is that this custom normalised married women working since many young men couldn't provide for the family alone at such a young age and required the wife to work, too, until they got established in their careers.

In countries like France, btw, where single women enjoyed less freedom, it wasn't uncommon to pair off a young girl of 18 with a man in his forties who could afford marriage. While I'm not against arranged marriages per se, I doubt it would work in our culture.

I know it's difficult for young people out there. It was bad in my time (late 1990s beginning 2000s) and it's even worse now, and many parents hardly even care to provide any guidance for the children any more and lack morals themselves. When you are young, you think you are invincible and the whole world lies at your feet and you can overcome every obstacle, and you are idealistic and romantic. I urge you to consider one thing: bad marriage is very difficult to overcome. It will ruin your life and that of your children. Don't just "drift" into it, plan it carefully and choose wisely. Pray for guidance and don't be deceived by pretty lies men are so fond of telling to silly young girls.

Pastor Anderson is the preacher many love to hate, and obviously, I don't agree with all he says but that video is really good: don't be worse than a concubine.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Should All Women Stay Home?

Whenever the issue of the traditional labour division in society is discussed, there is always somebody asking a question about nurses and women in similar professions and how we would deal without them.

While some of these people are probably just trolling, the question itself is valid and deserves an answer instead of a dismissal.

I should say let's look at the historical precedent first. In the Middle Ages, and later in Catholic countries up to and including the WWII period, the care of sick and elderly, when it could not be done by the family, was the domain of nuns and monks. Early childhood education, idem ditto. There is a 1960s (French, I think) movie about British pilots whose plane has been shot down by the Germans who for  a time being hide in a Catholic hospital where all the nurses AND the doctors are nuns.

While there were no convents or monasteries in Lutheran countries, from what I've read, there were groups of women called holy deaconesses who basically fulfilled the same function, but for a limited time and could marry afterwards, if they so desired.

The traditional Catholic doctrine distinguishes between the women who have a religious vocation and whose duty it is to serve the society, and all the rest whose place is in the home whether they get married or not. I believe this doctrine has a Biblical basis since the Scriptures teach us that there are some people who have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom. Now one could argue whether a eunuch could mean a female in this context, but we all know that throughout the ages they have been women who showed very little interest in marriage, children and family life in general.

So if the Western society ever becomes traditional again, we'll probably go back to an arrangement of the similar kind, with family taking over some of the care tasks (that's already happening right now with homeschoolers or those who let their aged parents move with them).

In the meanwhile, there are many single women out there, who necessarily (unless they come from a very wealthy family) will look for a job. Now if these women decided to quit all other industries which could do just fine without female labour (did you know that a secretary used to be a male job?) and all became nurses/gynos/doctor's aides/special police forces who deal with women and children/school teachers etc, I do believe they would fight to get a job, because currently there are more working women than the positions in these branches. And, btw, nurses dealing with men could be male, too, you know.

It is my opinion that a society needs some female labour and that's why I disagree with all this piling on single women which happens on the dissident right. Not everybody is called to marriage and family life, plus there have always been women who used to marry late  and spent their early years working, especially in Northern Europe.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Prayer Request

My father-in-law is losing the battle with cancer. Please pray for our family!

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

December News Alert

 Christmas Giveaway!

Advent is a season of good will and also the time when people usually give presents to their family and friends, so I'm happy to announce my Christmas giveaway:

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lydia Sherman Reviews My Book

In her latest installment of the Housewife Radio:

(For the review, scroll to the 25th minute.)

She was kind enough to link to it in her post, too.

Friday, December 6, 2019

St Nicholas Day

Don't forget that it's St. Nicholas Day today! Though we normally celebrate it's eve:)

St. Nicholas Center ::: Site Map
The feast of St.Nicholas

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Pill Will Fry Your Brain, Too

Women who take the Pill each day have a key brain region which is smaller, experts have found for the first time. 

The hypothalamus is crucial for the normal production of hormones and plays a role in mood, appetite, sex drive and sleep.

(The hypothalamus is also responsible for parental behaviour, see here: And cells signaling to a hormone-regulating region of the brain's hypothalamus appear to modulate the parenting-related hormones oxytocin, vasopressin, and the stress hormone corticotropin-releasing hormone. It's probably the reason why modern women are so non-maternal).
Researchers at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City scanned the brains of 50 women to make the conclusion. 

They saw a 'dramatic difference' in the size of the hypothalamus in women who took birth control pills.

But don't you worry, despite the crucial area of your brain shrinking 6%, it totally won't affect you:

But they said cognitive performance or behaviour did not change - despite the brain region being around six per cent smaller.  

Well, except you getting depressed and dealing with anger issues, that is:

However, other preliminary evidence from the same team found a link between the smaller size and anger and depressive symptoms. 
Probably other things, too:

Disease of the hypothalamus, most often caused by brain injury, surgery, tumours or genetic disorders, can cause insomnia, dehydration and infertility.

A feature or a bug? You decide!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Comfort Food For Winter

Lemon curd:

I used an adjusted version of the recipe from this book:

You'll need:

the peel and juice of 4-5 lemons (ab. 1c)
4 eggs, beaten
1/2 c cold butter, in cubes (I substituted some with coconut oil)
sugar - the original recipe says 2c, I actually used ab. 3/4c brown sugar with a bit of extra honey added

Use a smaller pan which will fit into a bigger pan. Combine all the ingredients in it, place it into the bigger pan and fill the bigger pan with water, bring it (gently) to a simmer and keep stirring your curd ingredients (if you let the water boil too vigorously it will make the egg coagulate and that's not what you wish). Cook and stir until thickened, then pour into sterilised jars. You'll get about as much lemon curd as shown in the top picture. It doesn't keep very long so it has little sense to make more than that. Enjoy!

Monday, December 2, 2019

P8rn Will Make You Retarded

Those folks on the internet who will tell you how great p*rn is and how it liberates you from dealing with those nasty women, aren't your friends:

...studies show people who regularly watch adult entertainment often develop damage to the prefrontal cortex, the brain region that controls morality, willpower and impulse control...

'Science is only just beginning to reveal the neurological repercussions of porn consumption.'
'It is already clear that the mental health and sex lives of its widespread audience are suffering catastrophic effects,' Barr says. 
'From depression to erectile dysfunction, porn appears to be hijacking our neural wiring with dire consequences.'