Monday, November 21, 2022

Why Women?

 This is getting ridiculous. 

‘Scream groups’ are forming across the world, where women gather in parks and public places to release their frustrations

I don't really know about "across the world", here most women are still sane, lol!

The responses poured in. “I want to scream because of climate change and economic inequality,” one woman wrote. “Because of real estate agents and landlords,” said another. “My fiancé decided he didn’t love me anymore,” read one reply. Miller said she received more than 100 messages in the first hour. 

Yeah, whatever.

Most are drawn to the idea of unleashing their anger without inhibition. It’s a freedom participants say is hard to find in a world that can be uncomfortable with women’s rage.

 Because men's rage is encouraged, especially in the Anglosphere. Guardian is soo 1970s...

“Women want to scream,” Miller explains.  

Not all women, only basket cases. 

After the week of hell I’ve had I need a good scream!” Maryanne Lia, 45, a self-described “screamstress” and mother of four, jokes to the dozen strangers gathered in the park. A chorus of chuckles and smiles nod back in agreement.

Having children does not automatically guarantee sanity apparently, when you can't raise them properly. 

“I feel like a little bit of magic just happened,” Miller says as the group lies back on the grass, staring at the stars.

In less enlightened times, they used to call it witchcraft...

“It felt good to be able to be out of control,” one participant said of the event. Another said: “It’s the closest I have come to finding a coven.

They admit it, too!

‘No judgment … no shame’

 That's what liberalism is really all about, as if we didn't know:)

Back in Sydney, Lia shares similar sentiments about what it means to be female and furious in a world that has largely placed limits on women’s anger.

Women women women women, people are dying in wars and terror attacks, there is an economical crisis happening right now but all we hear about is how women are supposedly oppressed in the West. Talk about self-centeredness.  

 “There’s an actual proper rage and women don’t get to express it. Where can you release that? Where can you scream?

These supposedly adult females who unfortunately got voting rights simply want to throw tantrums and be applauded for being "stunning and brave" while doing it. 

Women have experienced additional stresses with work, family and social demands over the past few years, Dr Yates adds.

Whose fault is it? All these feminists insist they have to work, so I have exactly zero sympathy. 

Here is a suggestion. When I was a little girl and was throwing a tantrum my mom always suggested instead of screaming I should bang my head on the wall instead. Of course, I never did, but some of these women may like the idea, who knows? After all, 

For a brief moment our inhibitions are forgotten

P.S. Maybe it's not really their fault, poor dears

“You can’t scream at your boss, you can’t scream at your children.

In my country, you are still allowed to scream at your children without getting arrested:) 


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