Monday, November 13, 2023

Does Feminism Even Make Sense


 I've been told several times that cooking is oppression. One lady told me that she had no time to cook since she worked. I said: "Well, but even if you are a single mother and have to work, you still need to eat." I mean, really WT*? I can understand not cleaning your house regularly (maybe), but eating is something you need to do every day, several times a day. Does it even make sense to you?

All these ladies are "older", btw and should be Titus 2 women and here they are telling younger women not to cook. Let men cook, said somebody. Another one told me how women were emancipated in the 1970s with the invention of French fries. Of course, in those times we didn't know about transfats in margarine used in deep frying, I wonder how many people got heart problems because of it?

I guess cancer and heart attack from all this fast food is the real emancipation after all. That'll teach the patriarchy a lesson...


  1. Man, what's wrong with these women? I wish I could have found a woman years ago that makes six figures and keeps me at home in the way in which I could be accustomed to. Cooking is not really that hard.

  2. That's what I have been asking myself, to no avail:)

  3. P.S. I baked these yesterday, they are delicious!

  4. I am going to say something that will seem incredibly strange today but not strange at all to my grandparent's generation. My 4 children have never been to a sit down restaurant. I make all meals at home. Women tell me they don't cook all the time? What does that mean? I can have real chicken broccoli Alfredo on the table in 15 minutes. The time it takes to cook the pasta. I precook chicken for the freezer. Homemade Alfredo sauce takes 10 minutes and some frozen broccoli thrown in with the pasta in the last couple minutes. I am sad for women today. Cooking is such a wonderful creative outlet. My son comes home from college today and he has a list of 10 meals he wants for the 4 days he is home. 😂 He misses my cooking. It is a way I show love to my family. I feel bad for modern women. We should go back to the simple pleasures of life. Everyone would be happier.

  5. Heidi, you not only save money, you are probably healthier, too:)

    It's true, in the past people didn't eat out so much, they'd take their own food with them. With the current prices, I see young families doing it again.