Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Should Older Women Cut Their Hair Short?

 I'm not going to tell anyone what to do with their hair. I just wanted to share an old joke.

The husband comes home and first thing he sees, his wife had her long hair cut off. 

"How do you like my new haircut?" She asks. "This greyish long hair made me look so old. But I don't look like an old woman any more, do I?"

"No", the husband answers. "Now you look like an old man."

Please don't throw stones at me:) BTW, I think it's perfectly fine to dye the greying hair some nice colour. Preferably using natural dyes like henna. 


  1. To be honest (as honesty is refreshing :-) ) I have never understood why should I look younger than I am? Why is it pushed on us, both men and women nowadays? Perhaps it has something to do with wisdom, which used to come as you age...

  2. So that you can consume more beauty products?

  3. When I finally made my husband happy by growing out my hair, I came to love the bun -- it's a way to have short hair while also having long hair!

  4. You can also braid it if it's really long.

  5. Women cutting their hair send a very clear signal, they don't give it Damn what men think.

    I have jet to meet a man who does not prefer long hair, no matter how thin or grey it is.

    Women just cut their hair to say "I am done with s*x". Pardon me being vulgar again.

    I have a long "fundamentalist hair" (That's how they call it here, when you let it grow as long it gets). Women frequently tell me to cut it. Men -well, let's just say that men do not know what split ends are, or care.

    When it comes to dying ones hair, I think most look better in natural grey. Usually people dye it too dark, and end up looking hard and angry and not feminine at all.

    1. I just noticed I sound like I am bragging with my hair. That was not my intention: It is very ordinary brownish hair, every woman would have similar or much prettier, if they would STOP CUTTING IT.

  6. Oh it's OK:) I wish mine would grow longer but it doesn't. I used to have really nice thick long hair when I was a kid but after experimenting with different haircuts and styles in my youth it is what it is. It used to be dark blond, too, but the harsh dyes ruined the natural colour and made it darker.

  7. I think silver hair can be sexy on a woman especially if she already has a youthful appearance for her age. A short haircut can be easier to maintain and cooler, especially where it is hot most of the year, but some cuts are not very feminine.

  8. When you have really short hair for it to look decent you need to have it cut regularly, which I'm sure is very good for hairdressers but maybe less so for the family budget:) Anyway to each its own, but personally I find long hair so much easier.