Sunday, November 17, 2019

Time To Boycott Disney?

Child abuse at Disney.


  1. We haven't had a TV in over twenty years for that and other reasons.
    We don't go to the theater, either.
    Sadly, that's probably not going to steer most "Christians" away from their movie addiction. I don't know about where you live but the U.S. has sold its soul for entertainment.

  2. This has been well-known to many Southern Baptists in the United States -- they've had a boycott of the Devil Mouse for roughly a quarter century now.

    Not to say that they're paragons of virtue themselves since they're standing on top of a problem of their own, but a few of them had the sense to warn their congregations away from these people.

    I bought a multi-format TV when I arrived in the States, but I don't watch TV with it. There's a built-in region-free DVD player in it that lets me play my region 2 PAL videos as well as anything I pick up in the States.

    Oh, yes, but what about Blu-Ray?

    What do I need Blu-Ray for when I want to watch "Force 10 From Navarone" again?

    Actually it would amuse me greatly if every sequel released by Hollyweird in 2020 was an absolute flop: that dreck is keeping better movies out of production.

  3. Magnolia, yes, it's basically bread and circuses all the way.

  4. To the person who posted in Spanish: I can't allow comments which I'm not able to read, sorry.

  5. Post Alley, you still use DVDs???:) Here it's an USB stick all the way...

    Have you watched "Joker"? Everybody appears to think it's great.

  6. P.S. if you like Alistair McLean, you would sure like my books!:)

  7. I have my share of issues with the Walt Disney Corp, and it's a sufficiently long list, but this does not make the cut.

    This isn't "child abuse at Disney". This is a couple of child abusers/perverts who happen to be Disney employees on a staff of hundreds of thousands of Disney employees.

    Such terrible people exist in law enforcement uniforms, classrooms, clerical garb, and every place in between.

  8. Yeah, but the question is, is it systemic though? And I think a case could be made, not only about Disney but about the whole of entertainment industry that yes, it is, and it has always been. The recent Me Too scandals are just a tip of an iceberg.

  9. Yeah, but the question is, is it systemic though?

    I don't know if it's systemic at Disney per se, but I agree with you that the entire entertainment industry is probably rife with perversion, abuse, and general sexual depravity.

  10. I love DVDs for old movies ...

    The original film stock wasn't even close to 1K resolution, let alone 4K resolution, and the sound's worse than pre-digital FM radio, but I'm supposed to pay more because someone transferred it to Blu-Ray?

    Naaaah, I'm good with buying cheap DVDs and then turning them into MPEG-4 files. I can get reasonably decent 720x540 and 852x480 conversions from DVD, depending on whether it's PAL or Never Twice (the) Same Colour.

    Oh, yes, and in America, that's perfectly reasonable and legal, unlike in the UK ... so I have converted everything I've exported as well. :-)

    BTW, the comment in Spanish was probably acceptable but perhaps a bit personal: it read like someone's tale of abuse at the hands of people such as these "former Disney people", who of course weren't so "former" when they were doing this stuff.

    I did watch "Joker", and it did have its moments.

    The Charlie Chaplin film festival with elite clowns on the inside that's being infiltrated by The Bad Pagliacci while not-so-elite copy-clowns are out on the streets?

    Maybe I was the only one in the theatre who actually got that joke, but it was hilarious. :-)

  11. "BTW, the comment in Spanish was probably acceptable"

    I thought it was something along these lines but prefer to know for sure:)