Friday, November 15, 2019

Proof That Nagging Kills

I just found a semi-scientific proof that nagging could kill you:

the famous rice experiment.

If you try (or have tried) it, feel free to discuss the results! Dr. Emoto's experiments with water (search for Hidden Messages In Water on YouTube), are quite fascinating, too. 


  1. Looks interesting. Are you going to try it?

  2. Well, I'm not sure yet, may be when I have more time.

  3. Now that is interesting.

    I have been experimenting with myself. It is said that people who show gratitude are the happiest, so I try to thank for everything. You know, "thank you for this warm mittens" when I pull my mittens on, "thank you for these boots", etc.

    I have always talked nicely to my husband, now I'm experimenting on talking nicely to myself.

  4. Always be kind to yourself, few others will:)

  5. BTW, for me it's something definitely to work at since I've always had a heck of a temper:)

  6. Using hurtful words is like a broken plate: If one breaks a plate and glues it back together, the plate may be 'unbroken' again, but the cracks still remain. Even if you apologize to the plate after it's fixed, it's still noticeable that it's been broken before.

    It is best to have preventable measures to keep heart (and plates) safe from harm or breaking.