Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Specially For My American Readers

Here is the place where it all started: the historical Delfshaven, from where the Pilgrims sailed to America:

The church they used to pray in:

 Some things have hardly ever changed in all these years

Americans though you may call yourselves, your roots lie in Europe


  1. Thanks for sharing! Yep, my roots are in Europe, one grandpa came from Norway in 1908, the other from Scotland in 1923. One grandmas' parents came from Denmark in the 1880's, the others parents came from England in the 1870's. My husband's ancestors came from Germany, Norway, Ireland and Scotland.

  2. You are welcome, Rozy (and what a fascinating story about your family), I took the pictures a couple of weeks ago when we spent a day in Rotterdam and strolled through that neighbourhood.

  3. How thoughtful of you to share photos of those beautiful historical sites. Im truly fascinated by them. Thank you. My ancestors were from Ireland, Scotland and England.

  4. You are welcome, glad you liked them! May be once you see them in real life, too.