Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Fun

King Winter is gone, today we have seen the last of him. It was raining the whole morning, the snow nearly disappeared, and according to the weather forecast, the temperature will rise to +10*C. I thoroughly enjoyed those two weeks, but I don't regret that the cold weather is over. For one thing, the European trade practically stopped, and what is worse, it's darn difficult to feel glamorous while wearing woolen stockings!

Last Saturday we went to the zoo, where the dearest husband took some (actually, a whole lot) pictures of fluffy and not-so-fluffy animals in the snow. Here is the example of fluffy:

And not-so-fluffy:

We also met some really weird birds:

Practising what seemed to be their variant of arm-wrestling

A kangaroo in the snow is not something what you see every day:

Yesterday the weather was still cold and it was snowing so we took our last chance to enjoy winter and went to a park where we watched people skating on the lake.

The ice this winter wasn't great so we decided not to do it, but I tried my luck on the sled and went down the hill not once, but twice, in the most unladylike fashion.

It was an old broken thing I found in the bushes but at that moment I hardly cared. And now the snow is gone, and we probably have to wait another year to see it again. Well, we always can look at the pictures...

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