Wednesday, January 16, 2013

News From The Home Front

I liked one of the comments on this post, which basically states that we don't need the press any more, since bloggers broadcast their own versions of news, so here it comes: the news report from my corner of Northern Europe.

We've got a lot of snow, and the temperature stays below zero. Snow started falling on Monday, and on Tuesday morning there were enormous traffic jams with a total length of one thousand kilometers. Monday evening we went outside and had a great time throwing snowballs at each other and in general, behaving in the most childish fashion. Here is a picture of myself, braving the blizzard:

It was taken with my husband's mobile, and I happen to find it rather artistically done, if somewhat unclear, so here is one more:

If the life gives you lemons, you make...lemon curd. While searching for something in my fridge, I stumbled upon a net of lemons, which I somehow managed to forget that I had bought, so I promptly used four of them for lemon curd, following the recipe from the book "If Teacups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes, which seems to be different from the one I found on the net, the chief difference being the amount of sugar used (my book calls for two cups instead of one), and using four whole eggs instead of six egg yolks.

Anyway it was a success and for now my daily breakfast consists of one toast with lemon curd and one with self-made apple jam, which I still have a lot of.

Tonight it was very cold and the cat finally decided to stay home only to wake us up with his insane screaming about five a.m., demanding to be let outside. He then came home at about eight in the morning and pretended that nothing happened.

My housekeeper came today and together we did a lot of cleaning and afterwards I did even more cleaning and then decided to make something special for lunch so I baked little fluffy pancakes which we call three-in-the-pan, they smelled so nicely that I couldn't help eating a couple. There was still enough left for the dessert and for lunch till the end of the week. The gingerbread house has been nearly eaten up, though it was so much that I had to share it with my friend and her family. Since we are still suffering from the consequences of the flu, I decided to make something light for dinner and having one more lemon left, chose for an Italian recipe of lemon soup with tortellini, which  turned out to be too sour to my taste. All in all, things are getting back to normal. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to do all the necessary paperwork and may be finally find some time for knitting. And that's about all the important news we have had so far so I'm off to drinking tea with homemade cranberry bars which I'll try to blog about tomorrow!

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