Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Housework Is Important

Housework has a bad reputation these days. Supposedly it is drudgery, and something to be avoided at all costs. In real life though, you'll have to do at least some housework, if you don't want to live in a pigsty. As a housewife, I want my home to be clean, organized and cosy. I found out that having a schedule can be very helpful, as one does certain activities on certain days, so that it becomes a routine. You can then alternate the days with more and less intensive workloads. If there are schoolchildren in the family, the schedule has to be built around their school times, and it's probably better not to do too much during vacations, so there is more free time to do nice things with your kids. Just like any other job, the one of a housewife needs a lot of planning. If you have domestic help, it's easier if you decide beforehand what she is going to do next time she comes (unless she is a live-in or somebody who is present in your household the whole week, which is a different story). Ideally, the workload should be divided in such a way, that the housewife has some time during the day which she can devote to creative hobbies like reading or knitting, or for a friendly visit to the neighbour lady.

Here are some helpful resources:

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The links above are meant as a suggestion, since every household is different, what's important though is to remember, that the housewife's job is essential to the well-being of her family, however small it may be, because she creates order out of chaos. And that is a very satisfying experience.

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