Friday, January 19, 2024

Donald Trump And Alcohol

 I can actually credit my recent teetotalism to Donald Trump. Seriously. As you probably know, he doesn't touch alcohol at all (here is an old BBC article on this topic). Trump is quite old, overweight and likes eating at McDonald's but he is still remarkably fit for his age. 

I remember before he was elected folks online had been discussing his unusual health. He was campaigning all over the country and flying a lot yet always looked full of energy. Someone asked: "How comes he doesn't suffer from jet lag?" And the other guy said it was because of Trump's total abstinence. 

Well, that made me think. It certainly flew in the face of everything I ever heard about "moderate drinking" and how it's supposedly good for you. Then I did some research and decided to quit. I've been doing it on and off but have now come to the point when I don't enjoy drinking even small amounts of alcohol. At all.

I think my health has improved because of it. It could be a conformation bias, of course. D. Trump is meanwhile 6 years older and appears to be as fit as ever, especially comparing with his chief contender. Alcohol has been linked to brain damage and dementia, btw.

So what do you think about it all? Feel free to share!


  1. I thought he did not drink because his brother was an alcoholic and feared he may have genetic addiction that could manifest itself if he drank. I could be wrong though.

  2. Yes, I read it, too, somewhere. I just keep wondering whether it's the reason of his good health and energy?

  3. There is no doubt heavy alcohol consumption makes you look older. Perhaps it is the fact that he doesn't drink at all, but I think there are other factors, too. Like his ''onward'' attitude, keeping himself busy and always learning new things, which is recommended to ''fight aging''. Sitting in your rocking chair and feeling sorry for yourself for becoming old never served anyone well. As to myself, I really love the taste of red wine, the more robust the better, a glass with a meal once or twice a week or so. I would gladly buy a non-alcoholic version if there was a strong taste one.

  4. This post reminded me of an old joke.

    The Japanese eat very little fat and they have less heart attacks than the Finns.

    The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and they have less heart attacks than the Finns.

    The Japanese drink very little red wine and they have less heart attacks than the Finns.

    The French drink a lot of red wine and they have less heart attacks than the Finns.

    The Germans drink a lot of beer, eat a lot of sausages and fat and they have less heart attacks than the Finns.

    What can we see here? You can eat and drink whatever you want, it is the language that is killing the Finns.

  5. Miriam, lol! Agree about the attitude. Here you can buy dealcoholised red wine, I drink it sometimes. I like the taste of wine (and beer), too. it's just that I don't like after effects of drinking such as thirst.

  6. Trump is not fit for is age, but quite averige. My father and father in law or both about his age, and much fitter. My father has always been moderat drinker, father in law drinks pretty much but is crazy athlete.

    My husband's aunt's husband is the same age, rather heavy drinker too, but in a posh way. His wife, younger than him, has Alzheimer's he is still fit. Also crazy athlete.

    When I look people I know, those who are young and fit for their age, are the ones, who a) sleep enough and b) absolutely love exercising and outdoor living.

  7. Well, he is fit compared to Biden:) I guess "fit" isn't a really good word to describe D.Trump. He is overweight, he likes junk food, but despite it all he still appears to be largely free from age-related diseases AND has enough energy for political campaigns. May be "resilient" is a better word?