Monday, February 13, 2023

A Real Life Wonder Woman

 Johanna Quaas:


In the meanwhile she turned 97 and still going strong. Here is a Wiki article about her.

For those too lazy to bother, here is the summary. Johanna was born in 1925 in Saxony, which later became DDR. She did sports from her youth and later became a gymnastics coach. She married rather late (at about 37), and went on to have 3 daughters.She quit doing professional sports and spent the next 20 odd years raising a family and started competing again at the age of 56. She survived her husband despite him being younger. Johanna has children, grandchildren and  great-grandchildren and is very much involved in their life. She wants to inspire other seniors to lead an active lifestyle.


  1. Yes and she is a positive, sweet person, too:)

  2. Impressive!!!! The vast majority half her age can't do a fraction of that. I certainly would be way behind.

  3. I couldn't even do it when I was 18:) I find it most impressive!