Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Boomers And Secularism

  The problem with many of those who are against the corona restrictions is the confirmation bias, they think that the silent majority agree with them or are just an innocent victim of brainwashing. The truth is, however, that the majority either don't care of downright agree with the government policies, as proven by the recent Swiss referendum.

Yet, the referendum also brought to light an interesting fact: the group who overwhelmingly voted for corona passports are 65+. Yes, we do have a boomer problem in our society, as the majority of the young people voted against the pass.

When I say "boomer" I don' mean it in the strict definition of the word, btw, but the fact is that the average age in Europe is about 50, and it will only get higher, so that soon a common flu will cause lockdowns and extreme measures.  

And here secularism comes into picture. Many of those people and their families are terrified by the idea of dying any time soon, and they somehow have bought into the idea that they are entitled to live to 100 and that the government should ensure it happens.

Now please don't misunderstand me, the elderly deserve good care and there is nothing wrong with living long, especially if you manage to stay healthy. But let's be realistic: someone in his mid80s is on the death's door and no amount of temper tantrums is going to change the fact that humans are mortal. We all will die one day. Make peace with God, accept this fact and just move on. 

Yet when I read Twitter discussions, folks will say things like: "my father of 83 had a right to live longer, but due to selfish antivaxxers spreading infections he died from corona". Not an exact quote. mind you, but someone did say it. 

You see, religion, even a non-Christian one, usually teaches you humility, while secularism teaches you entitlement. So now we have to vaccinate little kids because otherwise a Grandma of 87 may die, and that's a great tragedy for humanity. 

A funny thing is, there is a theory supported by the Scriptures that human beings should on average live to 120, however, I don't think that the way to long life goes through mandatory jabs, medications and surgeries. Many of the diseases people suffer from in old age, like diabetes type 2, were years in the making and are often preventable, yet the secular morals teach you that your actions should have no consequences.

Someone else should pay the bill. That's why it's OK to punish non-vaccinated, but it's not OK to discuss obesity, for instance. 

The current division in society about the ways to fight pandemic goes along both class and age lines. It's young vs old and technocrats/office workers against mostly blue collar workers. 

We'll see how it ends, but my bet is on the young and productive.

P.S. The root of the problem is not that people on average live longer, it's that they live unhealthier longer.  40 years ago most would die after their 2nd heart attack, now they have like 8 bypasses. Modern medical care doesn't heal people, it gives them a quick fix and then the virus comes and here you have it.


  1. I'm an agnostic, but see your point. I did not take the vax nor do I really believe covid is as deadly as claimed except to those in the most dire of health of issues. I did have 'impaired fasting glucose' some years ago and got out of that quickly with some exercise and slight diet changes.

    I've had this one spot of shingles that comes and goes. It's been gone lately probably because I have been exercising and getting more sleep and trying to eat better, so it is notable the governments of the world won't ban HFCS, processed oils, or a paleo oriented diet which would probably solve a lot of problems for most people.

    I still like some potato chips and a good donut, but I don't eat it every day. I've gotten use to semi-sweet chocolate over the years and prefer it.

  2. Well, I've heard of people dying from it. One had kidney failure, another 8 bypasses, another one was young but morbidly obese with asthma, yet another one was in his 80s and refused treatment etc, I think you get my point...

    Then, of course, we have this medication ivermectin which many people swear by but strangely it's forbidden to use. Mass vaccination campaigns have been a dogma since the early 20th century at least, if not before, and dogmas die hard.

    Personally I think that many diseases could be fixed by not smoking or drinking, diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, and some supplements.

    It's also proven that people with severe corona often have vit D (and zinc) deficiency, but still no government campaign about it, strange, isn't it?

    BTW, if you experience cold symptoms pure cranberry juice works very well, too.

  3. P.S. I prefer Mediterranean diet, personally...