Friday, December 14, 2018

Should Everyone Go To College?

The WSJ recently posted an article about the risks of going to college. According to it, 40% of those who enroll won't graduate in 6 years, and of those who do graduate, more than the half will have student loans to pay and 32% will end up doing a job which requires no college degree.

Definitely something to think about!


  1. NO! College has been oversold as the be all and end all of getting a good job. Wrong. Jobs in the trades are at an all time high with beginning wages double and triple the government mandated minimum. My husband teaches industrial technology and encourages his students, male and female, to learn a trade.

  2. I still can remember the time when many people just finished school and went to work, while now nearly everyone is doing some king of studies. If they studied for free, there would be little problem with that, but many will end up going into debt (and are, in fact, sometimes encouraged to take loans) with no guarantee of employment. Many young women still wish to work less (or not at all) when children come but are saddled with debts. They take them into marriage, too, with the result that they had to change the law when marrying in full community of goods isn't the default position any more. Many men understandably don't want to be responsible for paying their wives' debts.

    I think it's immoral to encourage young people of both sexes to start their independent life by taking loans, there is something scammy about it all.