Friday, December 28, 2018

Friday Miscellaneous

So we all survived Christmas and are currently moving on to celebrating New Year. I made oliebollen today. First batch is in the picture. I baked them in the oven like I had done last year, using the store mix. They taste more or less like the "real thing."

While I don't really intend to turn this blog into health news one, I'd still like to draw your attention to a couple of interesting things I learned lately.  How would you like bugs in your yogurt? No, I'm not going crazy The chance is they are already there! It appears that big corporations use a red dye derived from insects. Experts claim it's mostly harmless, yet people have been known to suffer severe allergic reactions because of it, including anaphylactic shock which is potentially lethal. Since carmine is commonly used in baking goods and yogurts, I wonder how much of it is currently attributed to gluten and lactose intolerance?

Speaking about corporations, why is it that globalists simply love feminism? Is it because so many women are avaricious the driving force behind the consumerist bugman lifestyle? From bridezillas to mommies leaving their infants with strangers in order to afford a bigger mortgage and many luxurious vacations? It would be interesting to do a research on this topic, but the folk wisdom knew of this female tendency which had even been depicted in the fairy tales.

Do you want to live a hundred years? What is the secret of longevity? There is so much conflicting information being spread around, but the latest research suggests that 70+ers  who are moderate drinkers/coffee lovers and are slightly overweight have a better chance to hit the 90 mark than underweight teetotalers. (Please don't pay attention to the headline, it's intentionally misleading/sensationalist).

One final news item - one of our cats has been missing for 3 days. The neighbours claim to have seen him here and there but he remains elusive. It appears he has gone wild. Please pray for his safe return home!


  1. I will be praying for your beloved pets return. I hope this gets through. A while ago you changed something here and I have had a time getting anything I print to finish and go through here. I do not read anything but English and this is not. :-) Before I faked it and it worked but now not so..especially if it has to go to the place where I have to choose a picture to prove I am not a robot. I have no idea what I am to do! :-) I still so enjoy this blog...Sarah Where do I click to make it publish after check comes up! I see nowhere... Clicking publiceren does nothing. Help ! :-)))

  2. Hi Sarah, thank you! Your prayers are much appreciated. I haven't really changed anything in comments settings besides turning moderation on and off. I'm sorry you have difficulty commenting. I'll look into it, but it could be just Goggle changing it.

  3. Sarah, Google is probably spamming you because you post as an anonymous. I get tons of spam comments from anonymous daily which Google automatically places into moderation. I usually forget to check it. It also could be that with so many anon comments I have to read through I have automatically deleted a couple of yours. Please, sign your name distinctly (like with capital letters) so that it at least stands out.