Saturday, March 16, 2024

What Happened To Kate Middleton?

 This is really weird. What's going on???


  1. Well, apparently she is recovering from abdominal surgery! It is no little thing, planned or not.

    People nowadays seem to have really weird ideas how fast one should recover.

    I just recently learned that abdominal surgery (especially the sort that is done throw little holes) can really mess up with your mental health. Because your guts do not like to be touched. One of my male relatives had hernia surgery with that method, he was home at the same day and got only 1 week off sick from work. In reality, he got depressed, couldn't sleep and it took him 6 months to recover. Surgery went well, but somehow his body developed kind of PTSD of it. And he has always been very happy man -and is again now.

    His doctor said that it is actually really common, but it is not "official medicine", so to speak. Since our second brain is in our guts, mental health can really suffer from abdominal surgery, no matter how small.

    Interestingly enough, people recover mentally better if they are literally cut open, and not operated through those little holes. Because then you kind of realize that something big happened and you have to take it easy.

    Anyway give poor woman some privacy.

  2. Blanka, how horrible, I'm glad to know your relative is feeling better! Any surgery is an assault on your immune system, and should only be used when absolutely necessary, imo.

    However, I'm not sure if I agree about privacy. She has a public function, and they shouldn't be lying about what's wrong with her. If she had wanted privacy she could have married a truck driver, and nobody would be interested in her, but she chose the future king. Anyway, I heard that Kate is, luckily, better and was seen in public. I wish her a speedy recovery!

  3. Blanka is right. The fact that people expect this woman, who had abdominal surgery of some sort, to be out there sating their desire to gawk is silly.

    Needing time to recover from a major surgery is not the same as waving away her royal duties. She is a human being, after all.

  4. It's not about shirking her duties, it's about the family lying that she is OK, when she very obviously isn't, which creates all sorts of conspiracy theories from Kate's impending divorce to her being dead. I'm afraid there is no privacy when you are the mother of the crown prince. She chose for it with open eyes, too.

    And btw, British Royals appear to enjoy all this undue attention and do their best to create more interest in their affairs. With all these scandals surrounding them, it's like a TV show at this point.

  5. Agree about british royal and attention. They have had really weird relationship with that after lady Di. No other royal family in Europe behaves like that. Denmark, for example, has the oldest monarchy in Europe and do you ever hear of them? No.

    Swedes have had some scandals, Victoria had anorexia when younger, and Madeleine was rather wildly partying (and she now lives totally private life in New York). But somehow they manage to sort these things out with much less drama and much more diginity.

  6. Blanka, it's my opinion that they do it to appeal to the American public who by some reason love everything British. On the other hand, they also love (trashy) reality shows. So you now have the Kardashians and the Windsors, lol!