Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Trump Indicted

Former President Donald Trump was hit with federal criminal charges over his attempts to cling to power after losing the 2020 election, with a grand jury indictment accusing him of spreading 'lies' and 'sham' investigations while stoking an 'angry' mob on January 6. 

Trump is facing four counts including conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government and obstruct the electoral count for trying to overturn the 2020 election. The 45-page indictment says he was 'determined to remain in power' despite 'having lost.'

 I have two questions after reading this. First, is he going to prison? And second, do (some) Boomers still think that he is secretly in charge?


  1. GenX here. This is quiet a stunt by the left and shows how much in danger this country is at this time. What's funny is that if they really got 81 million votes, there would be no need to do this, right? The election would be 'in the bag' sort of speak.

    Trump had some deficiencies no doubt, but I was better of under him economically. It really angers me I'm paying more for gas and everything else, and I know Europeans are suffering because their government did not tell DC to shove their ideas you know where and continue to buy fuel from Russia. I think the Eurofags should have worked out a deal with Russia over Ukraine; the war was totally unnecessary.

  2. I don't think he'll go to prison. Like A Texan said, it's a stunt. It's "let's sabotage the front runner".
    I don't think anyone thinks he is secretly in charge. We are in too big of a mess right now for that to be anywhere near true.

  3. Anon, then you aren't reading Gab:) Q-cult is still going strong there in some places.

    Texan, it's difficult to have an independent policy when half your continent is occupied.

    As for Trump, the Left is very vindictive and they really hate him by some reason. Probably not because of any of his personal qualities but as a symbol of popular resistance. So who knows...

  4. After the fall of communism, NATO should have been disbanded within the decade. However I do believe the US has been footing the bill for the military while Europe proceeded with more socialistic policies. The US has at least 800 bases worldwide.

    I read quiet a bit of history, so in the end, the US should have stayed out of WWI and WWII. I don't really think that mustache man bad was really that bad given what was happening at the time. The West allied itself with a murderous regime that should have been destroyed. There is a book called 'Stalin's War' that says that Stalin was planning to steamroll the rest of Europe, so thankfully, Hitler beat him to the punch.

  5. Texan, there is also a book by Patrick Buchanan. As for history...with so much disinformation going around about current events, who can say for sure what happened in the past?

    However, I should add that the Germans of then weren't exactly popular, either. In my country, for instance, they were in the habit of shooting people for such offences as listening to a radio program. Of course, it was during the war...

  6. I recall Pat Buchanan having some material about WWII and why the US should have stayed out. War is a Racket by American Marine Smedley Butler should be required reading in high school.

    My biggest problem with WWII is that it was a really a banker's war and things only got going when Hitler seized the banks from the Rothschilds. Hitler was working with the Jewish community to move them to Palestine. There were slave camps and slave labor, but that was the extent of it.

    Funny that the war was about freedom and democracy, but have of Eastern Europe was turned over to Jewish Bolsheviks for another 50 years of misery. Funny that England did not bother to declare war on Russia after it to invaded Poland in 1939. Hitler also made some reasonable peace proposals before and during the war to the parties involved. Now that does not make AH a great guy since every country had their own self interests, but why was I not told that in history class here in the states?

  7. War is a racket is a good name. May be we should go back to the old system when the king who declared war was right there with his men fighting in the front lines:)

    As for happened nearly 100 years ago and yet we keep hearing about it every day...I mean nobody is talking about Napoleon any more, do they?

  8. I think that England saw united Germany as a dangerous rival from the very beginning, which they never did with Soviet Union for some reason. However, if you go further to the past, you'll see that they had their problems with Imperial Russia whom they did see as a rival. I thought I read that during Russo-Turkish war of the 1870s, they stopped Russians from taking Istanbul by threatening to declare war on them.

    Their policy has always been to contain any country of the Continental Europe which rose to prominence. P. Buchanan, being of an Irish descent really dislikes the British and had some things to say about Churchill in his book. However, as I said, Germans weren't really what you would call nice, either. As for Hitler, all he managed to do was to give nationalism a bad name. He got Czechoslovakia and Austria, he didn't need to attack Poland. I mean look at Franco, he refused to interfere and managed to keep Spain conservative till mid-70s.