Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Why Conservatives Keep Losing

 because of the likes of this guy:

 For as long as parents have shared the blessings of liberty with their children, there has been opposition from regressive, fearful conservatives. From the ancient near eastern parents who had the courage to let their children pass through the fire as an offering to Moloch in good faith, to the Jonestown parents who had their children drink kool-aid in good faith, to parents who had their kids' prepubescent ovaries removed in good faith, hateful naysayers have never been in short supply. Why? I'm not sure, but I know it can't be a good-faith instinct to protect children. More than likely, it's a cold, calculated grasp for power perpetuated by Christian Supremacists.

Yeah, I know it's satire, but it sums up his writing pretty nicely, and that goes for many establishment "Conservatives":

Do I want Boston Children's Hospital to dedicate the new David French Blessings Of Liberty Gender Surgery wing to me? Maybe. Do I want doctors to call their double-mastectomy procedure on young girls the "David French Special," with the coupon code "DISPATCH" entitling them to a half-off surgery? Maybe. Do I want to keep writing my columns, earning acceptance from a godless culture that hates me, my peers, and my God? Yes. Yes, I do.


  1. Here are some Idaho state legislature Grand Ole Poltroons literally calling for mass amnesty. For those not able to keep up with the many news stories, the irony is amazing because the eastern side of Oregon wants to become part of Idaho to leave the libtard crazies behind. I'm technically registered Republican in the off chance here in Texas I can get a good candidate, but this simply shows that neither party really cares about American citizens.

  2. Yeah, I read it! I still read VD, despite his boomer rants:) I mean I don't hate my parents...