Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Protesting Works

And just like that, the honkening may be coming to an end - as Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced on Tuesday that he's ending the province's vaccine passport system.

As the Toronto Star notes:

The passport system, dubbed as the Restrictions Exemption Program, is the first of the province’s current public health restrictions to go in a phased approach laid out by Kenney at a press conference Tuesday.

Now is the time to begin learning to live with COVID,” said Kenney. “These restrictions have led to terrible division.”

 And now, worldwide! The time has come. 

Read the whole article over here


  1. Time for a worldwide trucker revolt! :)

  2. There is one going direction Paris right now. Though Macron promised to put them in prison for 4 years if they dare come.

  3. I'd like to see him try, if it's as big as hoped. :)

  4. They were blocking the roads, with shields and armoured cars. I don't know what the Frenchies are planning. Last night they arrived in Lyon. The big European convoy is supposed to go to Brussels next Monday.