Monday, January 31, 2022

Blackpilling On The Internet

 Good news first: we now have our own freedom convoy! Or to be more precise, each province organised a freedom convoy and yesterday they were touring the country. The plan is to go to Brussels all together this week. And it's not only truckers, either: anything/one on wheels is welcome, so there were personal cars, farmers with tractors, bikers etc. Isn't it great???

And here comes something I wanted to write about for quite some time. Whenever I read news on alternative media, such as Telegram, there's always blackpilling going on in the comments. Freedom convoy is not an exception. It usually goes along the lines: didn't happen, those are not genuine protests, crisis actors, elites just want us to protest, it's all part of a plan, those guys are feds, well you know the script.

There is a Christian variety, too, they will tell you that Jesus just wants you to stay at home and pray and do absolutely nothing.

Of course, we know there are enough shills and agents online, and I imagine most of the negative comments are coming from them, because that's exactly what the elites want: that we do absolutely nothing in defence of our rights and freedoms and that we look at those who protest with suspicion. Yet I imagine some of this sentiment is genuine. And it's these people whom I'd like to address. 

If you are so paranoid that you see feds under your bed, seek help, you really need it. If you are a Christian, that's exactly your attitude of doing absolutely nothing that brought our society to the point of no return. God helps those who help themselves. And also, God hates a coward. A lot of this defeatism is just cowardice and cope: it's easier to justify your own inaction by trying to delegitimise what somebody else is doing. 

Now I'm not saying that each one of us should be running to the town square with a protest flag, we aren't all called to be freedom fighters, but this blackpilling attitude of throwing dirt at those who are trying their best to change things is not helpful at all. It's incredibly demoralising, whether accidentally or by design. Just stop it, please, and find something productive to do.

We live in difficult times, right now many of us are, however, mildly prosecuted for taking a stand for personal liberty. But be of good cheer! Our elites may be evil, but that doesn't make them all powerful as some suggest. They are not geniuses, most of them; in fact, they are mere mortals just like we are.

 I remember reading about a wealthy man who was in for his 6th heart transplant. He was nearing 100 and boasted that he would live till 200. You know what? He didn't even survive the operation. The captain of Titanic boasted that his ship was unsinkable and we all know how this went. Pride goes before the Fall, something that powers that be appear to have forgotten.

Imo, the best way to deal with blackpilling is just to scroll down and try to look at the bright side, don't lose courage, don't lose hope and don't lose faith! The darkest hour is the one comes just before the dawn...

P.S. Just to make it clear. I'm talking about peaceful protests only. There is another group of bots who will try to encourage the readers to commit acts of violence. Anyone doing it is NOT your friend and quite possibly, a fed.


  1. Much like the far left, the far right often excels at making the perfect the enemy good (enough). If they can't achieve their version of perc=fection, or if some particular person doesn't agree with them on every jot and tittle, they denigrate.

  2. And yet the lefties mostly stick up for each others why the right-wing personalities appear to like tearing each other apart. Right wing in general attracts more individualist type of persons, while the left is more collectivist, but this infighting is very unproductive and hurts any good cause.

  3. Agree. :)

    In Canada right now, we know these folks are the real deal. :)

  4. You know, for some people it's probably easier to go through life pretending that some things didn't really happen or are a conspiracy. It helps them cope. Like those who said that Jan6 protesters weren't genuine. Otherwise, they'd have to live with uncomfortable reality about the way they are treated in the Land of the Free...