Friday, October 8, 2021

What's Going On?

 The gasoline price recently rose above 2 euro per liter, it had never been so high before. Prices of consumer goods are rising, too. I've heard stories of shortages in other countries, like the USA.

What's going on in the world???


  1. Two things: shortages because of work stoppages during the pandemic; and governments inflating the money supply which causes a wage/price spiral upward. The more money governments pump into the economy the more of it it takes to purchase the same goods and services. One day it will all come tumbling down, and it will be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930's.

  2. Well, I've heard stories about containers from China which are delayed. Actually, it's crazy that our goods must come from China, why don't we have our own production any more?

    As for tumbling down, I think it will happen sooner than later, considering how evil the West has become collectively.

  3. I'm in southern Texas along the Gulf Coast with refineries not far from me. We are paying about $2.50 to $3.00 per gallon since February.


    Quote from site: "Looks like globalism just died. As critics said from the beginning, importing necessary components for life puts you at the risk of the transport system. However, unions, taxes, affirmative action, and regulations drove costs so high that most of the necessary production went offshore. The solution here is simple, too: reverse unions, taxes, affirmative action, and regulations (the tens of thousands of pages of rules from administrative agencies can be replaced by laws or lawsuits, which is what they are designed to frustrate)."

    I'm for abolishing minimum wage and a review of most of the licensing and even environmental regulations to determine whether they make any sense at all. I'm not for toxic waste dumping, but I must say as a person who has enforced a version of them, a portion do not make any sense and do not protect.

  5. Unfortunately, our prices are per liter and not per gallon!
    But we still drive tho:)

    Luckily, I haven't noticed any shortages as of now, though yesterday I couldn't find biological eggs in a supermarket. They told me the truck was delayed but assured me there were no shortages. Bought them today in Aldi.

    Some time ago a lady who owns a store selling bags told me they expect the prices will grow higher because the price of containers is so high.

    Globalism is probably not dead yet, but it's not doing fine at the moment...

    I'm more worried about nat.gas prices, it costs quite a lot to warm your house in winter as it is, especially if we get a freezing spell again. I'm not quite ready to set my thermostat lower than 18*C in the daytime.