Thursday, April 23, 2020

How To Make An Ideal Sandwich

This below is my own invention and I'm quite proud of it:) I've been eating it every day since Monday!

Take two slices of brown bread and pour some olive oil (extra virgin, of course!) on one of them, and spread hummus on the other (mine is with lime and coriander)

Add a slice of chicken filet:

then cheese (I'm really a cheese head, it's one of my absolute favourite foods)

(cats like cheese, too:)

top it with the slices of boiled egg:

I like mine soft. Oops, it was too soft so I couldn't slice it properly, but it was delicious nevertheless!

Cover and squeeze slightly (you don't really need salt or pepper since packaged chicken filet is high in sodium and hummus is spicy):

Enjoy! Since the beginning of March we haven't eaten out due to the corona crisis, and I don't trust takeaway that much (I mean who knows which hands touched it and whether they were washed properly) so as most other people (according to statistics) we spend more money on fun foods, which we probably wouldn't ordinarily eat quite so often (like hummus which isn't very cheap, but I love it).

What about you?


  1. Now I'm wondering whether the taste could be improved by a slice of tomato? I ate it with cherry tomatoes for a couple of days, they we ran out of them and today I ate it with an apple. Not quite the same...

  2. Looks yummy! My all-time favorite foods are whole wheat bread (homemade) and a slice of cheese. I could live on that forever.

    I think tomato adds to the sandwich because of it acidic nature, while an apple would simple add some crunch.

  3. Thanks, Rozy! I have come to the conclusion that apple is just too sweet, tomatoes are definitely better. Bread is from the store, btw, as I forgot to bake. I could eat cheese with everything:) Sometimes I eat it with a cookie.