Monday, February 17, 2020

Is This The Real Reason They Push Stay-At-Home Dads?

What is behind the falling testosterone levels of Western men? The linked article cites pollution and plastics, but could it be something else? Like (what previously was considered) unmanly behaviour?

There is data showing that new fathers exhibit testosterone drop, which gets worse if they spend too much time caring for the children:

The study also revealed that testosterone levels were lowest in men who reported spending the greatest amount of time spent caring for their children

Remember all these complaints we  heard several years ago from women who said their husbands were turning into kitchen *itches from doing too much housework? Well, here you have scientific proof that it's true.  Modern women too often want to have their cake and eat it, too. First, they want a hot guy who will commit, and what do we find out: The researchers found that men with the highest levels of testosterone were more likely to become committed partners and fathers...

Yet, if after the child is born, the man exhibits the behaviour which was normal only a couple of decades ago, that is, not rushing to change the diapers, he may expect scandals and eventual divorce: Other studies have found that men with high testosterone levels are more likely to have marital problems and get divorced.

While, on the other hand, if he "does his fair share" or even worse, takes time off work to help, his testosterone levels drop, he becomes unattractive, s*x dries up, and the result is, well, you guessed it, a divorce. D*mned if you and d*mned if you don't sort of a situation.

Another gem from the article:

 In one experiment, men with higher testosterone levels felt less sympathy and less need to respond to the sound of a crying baby.

Well, guess what, may be it's because a normal man  isn't programmed by God/nature to take care of a baby? The researchers, though, being modern Americans, have come to another conclusion:

"There's a growing awareness among anthropologists that raising human children is a group activity and that fathers are biologically wired to help out."

It takes a village, and all that:

the finding upends the classic view that men evolved solely to be hunters and providers

Because I'm sure that when a baby was born in the hunter-gatherer communities, the father just took several months' leave of all his hunting activities and simply stayed home helping nurse the baby, and all this time they were eating what exactly? Or was the rest of the tribe feeding them? And we have examples of a successful civilisation functioning this way where exactly?

As Christians, we know that the pattern for the family is very clear from the Scriptures, but since secular folks love their science and comparing humans to animals, here comes: a male of the species is often territorial. Tomcats, for instance, will fight for their territory and their right to breed with a female. However, a neutered male cat will have less urge to fight, that's why neutering is recommended.

Human males are or used to be territorial, too, and would fight to death defending their women and children from another tribe. Modern low testosterone men couldn't care less, as we all can plainly see with our own eyes. In nature, the lion who wins over another lion, will kill his cubs and breed with his female, so that his blood line will survive. Guess what's going to happen to Western males if they don't wake up?

Elites which promote these things aren't on your side, guys.


  1. All this nonsense makes me want to scream. Loud. Not what you wrote, Sanne, but that article.

    One could also add that when men do housework or take care of children, the never seem to do it right... Meaning their wifes who force them to do those tasks are never happy. So their lives are constant nagging. No wonder everybody's so miserable nowadays.

    My life improved tremendously when we decided I'll take care of the housework. Of course my husband helps if I am too tired, but mainly it is my job to do how I find fit. It works so much better, when there is no need to disguss about "how to:s".

  2. They never really explain what was wrong with the traditional arrangement except some abstract talk about equality and fulfillment. Well, what about women like me who don't care for that stuff and don't get fulfilled in the office setting? It's exactly the same with modern politics, when they keep telling me that I should show solidarity with some new designated oppressed group. What do I exactly get out of it and why should I bother? Because reasons doesn't work any more.