Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Autumn Garden

Some pictures from last week:

It's mild for the time of the years but it has been raining every day for like 4 weeks:)

How's your weather? 


  1. Your garden is quite lovely. I like the contrast between the greenery and the stone walkways.

    Our weather? Mid-80s (Fahrenheit), a slowly decreasing humidity, and blue skies. We're transitioning from the rainy season to the dry season right now. We don't really get anything akin to a true autumn down here.

    The good news is that by November, we'll enter our six month season of mild temps, low humidity, and generally beautiful weather. For now though, it's still pretty hot.

  2. Thanks, Elspeth, it's still a lot of work (and the garden house, too), with humidity like this, weeds are having a field day and I regularly get mushrooms popping up in different places:)

    Your winters sound lovely, we can look forward to more rain, overcast skies and subzero temps in January. Now, I don't mind cold, but a sunny frosty day is much better than what we generally get, like 0*C with icy rain and cutting wind...