Friday, August 31, 2018

Privacy In The Age Of Internet

I used to have a YouTube app on my smartphone. Yesterday it refused to open and I got a notification that I must upgrade it to a newer version. When I followed the download link, this new version requested that I consent to the app having access, among other things, to my location and the list of my contact persons!!!

I mean what the *? Why on Earth should I allow Google and YouTube access to my private information? What are they going to do with my contacts? It's too crazy for words. Of course, I refused. I can watch YouTube videos with Internet app and nowadays there is BitChute, too. BTW, I never update this blog from my telephone, by some reason. Being a rather private person, I don't participate in Facebook and other stuff, either.

I'd like to gently remind my readers that there is no privacy on the internet. May be, installing VPN isn't such a bad idea, after all...

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