Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Things We've Lost

Have you ever asked yourself why movies like Lord Of The Rings are so extremely popular nowadays? There must be something about modern life which makes folks turn to fantasy. Could one of the reasons be their depiction of organic rural communities, like Shire?

Oh yes, I know it's highly idealised. People had problems in those times, too, wars, pestilence, inequality blah blah blah. On the other hand, they had a sense of being connected to each other in the way we moderns can hardly understand. You weren't born just as an individual, you were born into a certain family/class/social position and you had a role to play. Yes, their social structure was often rigid, but it also functioned as a support system and not only financial support in the times of need, but emotional support, too.

Liberalism emancipated us from those social norms and turned many into atomised urban consumers, who work long hours at often meaningless jobs so that they can buy more electronic gadgets and spend more time with their tablet than with their family and real life friends. The bugman's dream, so to say.

While we can't (and probably shouldn't try to) return to these "good old times" nothing prevents us from building a community around ourselves. Sometimes just reaching to others in a friendly way is enough. Leave your digital friend behind. Visit your family. Talk to your neighbours. Get in touch with old school friends. Don't build a cocoon around yourself, interact with others. Create a support network of people around you, you never know when you need it!


  1. I love fantasy. And it is interesting how people dress on fantasy books. Always, always long skirts for women. Of course there are occasional warrior princesses who dress like dominas, but usually women are described to wear skirts. Even in most modern fantasy books. I just read one that had lesbian and transvestites and promiscuity, and jet all women wore long skirts -and long hair! The writer looks like this:

    Another thing I like in fantasy books is food. Simple, nourishing, traditional food. Homemade bread, some cheese and ham, maybe some apple jam. An beer! :)

  2. Many women adore costume drama yet wear jeans every day:)

    As for food, this scene in Hobbit when he fries the fish and then eats it...How more "Paleo" can you get???