Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Then And Now

Pilgrims to Rome, 1935:

And now:

Here you can see a bigger version (not sure if the image above is copyrighted, but if it is, and I remove it, you can always use the link).

Granted, may be they were too stiff in those days, but surely our society has become too casual?


  1. I would like to take the Camino del Santiago some day. I personally think that on pilgrimage most important thing is being modest. Being casual doesn't matter; you cannot walk 700 kilometers in pretty dresses.

  2. Well, in the 1930s they appear to have managed to be both modest and formal and walk in long dresses. Men, too, survived without donning on shorts. Our society is simply flippant about everything, religion included. One could argue that pajamas are modest to wear in public, after all, they do cover your body. Imo, there is more to modesty than just covering body parts.