Sunday, February 21, 2016

From The Home Front

Last week we were supposed to celebrate our wedding anniversary only we all had been down with flu so we decided we'd celebrate it one of those nice spring days instead. I did, however, get some nice flowers:

and this dress:

Tarl has his birthday today, he became 1 year old!

And this is little Finn:

He must be some sort of a dwarf cat, really. His favourite toy at the moment is a sponge:

Yes, a dish-washing sponge but he seems to be genuinely attached to it:

Today is dark and kinda stormy, though warm, but we'll get cooler weather again. i'm more or less in spring mood already, soo tired of winter.

Have a blessed Sunday, all of you!


  1. Happy Anniversary and have a nice week! Nice cats. I miss my old fat black cat I left at my parents' house when I went to university. She still lives there and I'd love a cat right now but I lack the courage. Animals are already numerous in our yard...We are looking forward to the kids that our goats will have. We expect 2 kids per goat. I love spring because we have so many new members every year. Our kids love the goat kids too. They use to play together in the yard and run after one another. Kids love kids.

  2. Thanks, Alexandra! I can imagine you have your hands full - kids and kids, what a great combination!

  3. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! Mooie bloemen! I wish you many more blessed and happy years together. Spring is just around the corner; first we have to go through the period of muddiness. Looking forward to working in the garden again.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry you and your husband had the flu.

    Your cats are very pretty.

    I had to laugh when I came to the part about your cat's favorite toy is sponge.

  5. Thanks, ladies! I don't really know why he likes the sponge, the fact is if I take it away, he just steals a new one:)

  6. Nice dress for spring!

    Ah, so that's what Tarl looks like. Lord of all he surveys. ;)