Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Shabby Chic Furniture

I finally managed to persuade my husband to paint our furniture in the shabby chic style. He was busy two Saturdays (actually it wasn't that much work, but he first painted the cupboard and chairs, and later we decided that we should have a try at the dinner table as well).

Here are some of  the results:

Our cat has an annoying habit of sleeping on the dinner table. Heaven knows, I tried to teach him manners but failed miserably, and my husband finds it cute and encourages him:) Of course, since he is an outside animal, the tablecloth quickly becomes dirty:)

Here he is, a real beauty, isn't he?:) I finally got tired of washing and especially, ironing the tablecloths hence the obvious solution was to paint the table as well. I doubt he will like it so much, and if he does, it will be easier to clean as I can now just wipe the table surface:

It's too minimalistic to my taste but I guess I'll get accustomed to it. Here is a close-up of one of the chairs:

A friend who came to visit me last Thursday said that our dining area became much lighter, which had also been my objective. What do you think?


  1. I like it! I hope your husband is happy now too. Sarah

  2. Thanks! He doubted it as first, but then became quite enthusiast about it.

  3. @Sanne

    What are your thoughts on minimalism?

  4. Do you mean minimalism in interior decoration? It´s not exactly my style (as you might have noticed:), but if some folks like it, why not?

    1. It was an interesting video, however, if I donated 80% of our stuff, my husband wouldn't be too happy:) Seriously though, most one income families are minimalist to a degree, simply out of need.

  5. I think it looks nice. Brightens up the place. You should try leaving something on the table that the cat dislikes. What would that be? Mint or something? Maybe leave catnip somewhere else!

  6. Thanks! There are few things our cat dislikes which could scare him away, but the smell of paint seems to be one of them. For the whole week he hasn't tried to jump on the table even once.