Saturday, May 17, 2014

How To Dress Nicely For Your Husband

So I'm told there is a new Christian movie out there, which already created controversy. 

I haven't watched it, neither am I planning to, as I generally dislike films presenting women as know-it-alls and men as doofuses, however I watched the trailer (can be viewed here). One thing I noticed though is that the lady in the film is dressed down while at home but puts on her best clothes for "a girl's night out" with her friends which makes the husband compliment her on her appearance.

Compare this modern attitude with the 1960s, when wives used to put on their best dresses for a dinner at home with their husbands  (scroll to approximately 10.35 and watch till 12.35). I'm not a big fan of Bewitched due to the liberal attitudes, but this segment is funny on its own, as it shows a feminist mother upset that her daughter lowers herself by doing housework and trying to please her husband.

This educational video   from the 1950s teaches girls to change for dinner and suggests having a date with your family. The commenters naturally mock the idea that the women of the family would want to look nice for their men. Imagine a wife doing something so simple for her husband as changing her work clothes for something fancier! I mean it's the top of patriarchal oppression, comparable to Taliban and probably even worse.

These comments betray a rather nasty attitude on the part of too many modern women who can't be bothered to do anything for their husbands, it seems. No wonder men start MGTOW groups and refuse to marry. I realise that with a couple of small children  it's not always possible to look your best and a tight budget is often an obstacle to wearing nice clothes every day, however, it's really the attitude which counts most.

If you try to please your husband in little things, he'll reciprocate! Here is what Mrs Andelin writes about greeting your husband when he comes home from work:

"Make it a pleasant time for him. Have all of the housework out of the way...Be attractively groomed and greet him with a smile. Don't let the children rush to him with their problems...Your thoughtful consideration for his welfare, will give him the impression that he is number one in your life." (Fascinating Womanhood, Bantam Books, 1992, pp. 95,96.).

Instead of trying to look your best for your girlfriends, why not trying to look your best for your husband?

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  1. I'm going to try it this week. My husband will probably think he forgot our anniversary but I think it will be fun to dress up for dinner at home. It will also be a great example for our daughter to see this.

    In Mrs. Andelin's book I liked the parts devoted to the fabric of the women's clothing and how to choose them. Do you think you'll do a post on that?

  2. You won't believe it, but there were times when I used to change for dinner!:) I mostly try to wear nice clothes at home any way, so nowadays I don't bother with putting on something more formal in the evening, but may be I should start doing it again.

    I was thinking about writing more posts about FW, and then I got another blog request, but I'll try to do it as soon as possible.