Thursday, November 7, 2013

Links For November

Here are some interesting links for November:

November is usually considered a gloomy, dark month, so it sounds like a good idea to actually celebrate it!
In case you missed the post on the topic on The Pleasant Times, here is the link:
The Celebration Of November

Mias Landliv also has ideas on what to do on a rainy November day:
Rainy Days And Mondays

November also since recently appears to be the "men's month", otherwise known as Movember, so Germany recently had
World Beard Championships

I also recommend this interesting post which argues against short hair on women using a pictorial guide:
Women, please don't cut your hair

Bruce Charlton has several posts on the evils of mass media:
detox programme for mass media addiction
mass media colonised small talk
the mass media is enemy headquarters

And one more article on the dangers of mass media:
Television Is an Evil

Ladies and gentlemen, that's all for today!


  1. Glad to see this list. I do t get around to the blogs much so its nice to have a weekly or monthly list to refer to

    1. I have been planning to post a link list for quite some time, but never could find time!