Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What Can Traditional Women Do To Change Things For The Better?

Someone asked me a question: "But what can we do? How do we improve the situation around us? How do we return to the traditional way of life?" This made me thinking. Indeed, what is to be done? Many alternative blogs seem to promote doom and gloom, and even in the church the attitude seems to be, "why polishing the brass on a sinking ship?"

I don't believe the situation is so hopeless as they present it. The darkest hour is the one comes just before the dawn, the old proverb says. You can bend society only so far, before the pendulum swings the other way. What passes for modern liberalism is built on lies, and the lies can only bring you so far. In the end, truth always triumphs.

So what can a simple housewife do to change things for the better? While I believe that open political action is more suited for men (though there are exceptions, of course), a woman has a soft, feminine power which is just as much important.

The housewife's power lies in her home and her children. The handle that rocks the cradle, and all that. Americans are very lucky in this respect as they have the possibility to homeschool their children. However, even if your child goes to shool, he still will spend the considerable amount of time with his parents, and if his mother stays home, with her. Never underestimate the power of indoctrination:)

Unfortunately, with a TV set in every household (and nowadays it's often more than one), the good influence of parents can get totally counteracted. I believe the other side would never have made such progress without the influence of the TV. Even if the program is good, it will be completely ruined by some stupid advertisement. Kill the darn thing. TV is for those who can't read:) Constant watching of the TV makes your IQ one standard deviation lower.

Another strategy is to substitute modern liberal entertainment with old-fashioned traditional one. That's why I keep posting links to the old films available on YouTube. While those movies are not all of them works of art, they were not made according to the standards of political correctness and promote the traditional values. Especially concerning the male-female interaction. There are also still some nice new films made which are worth watching. In short, a DVD-player and YouTube are good substitutes for the TV.

Another way to influence others is by the way we dress. Nowadays we have grown women dressing and behaving like teenagers. I'm sorry, but a t-shirt with a slogan, "I'm cute", written in glittery letters on a 50-year-old looks ridiculous. While I'm not that big on the whole "sexy" concept, at least in young girls it's understandable. They are trying to find a man. Why would a married woman and a mother want to look like this?

The other extremity is wearing boring unisex clothes and styles. I believe we as women are the queens of our castles and should dress and behave accordingly.

Masculinity is under attack as well, so it's very important to treat your husband with outward respect and defer to him as the head of the family, especially in the company of others. Poor guys nowadays are confused as to what women really want, seeing that MSM tells them one thing, while the common sense says something totally different. The wife is meant to be her husband's helpmeet and assist him in his daily struggles, not to hinder him. Others will notice how you treat your husband. Our world is success-oriented. There is no better way to promote traditional family, than to have a harmonious household, instead of a dysfunctional one.

I also believe that we should try and support other ladies who are homemakers and encourage those who want to be one. It's not a secret that it's often other women who will give you a hard time over the decision to quit working. Many housewives experience mild forms of harrassment, often from their own families, they feel isolated and undervalued. If you know someone like this, invite her to tea and give her encouragement.

That leads me to my next point. I think it's a good idea to create traditionalist networks, that is, to try and connect the like-minded families in the area. They can offer support to each other in more than one way, including financially, for instance, by providing employment.

More on the financial aspect, I believe we should put our money where our mouth is. People complain about outsourcing of jobs but will buy the cheap Chinese stuff. Of course, sometimes you have no choice, or may be no money, but if you do, why not trying to buy locally produced stuff? For instance, last year I was searching for a new washing machine. I could buy one produced in Korea, which was also a hundred euros cheaper but went for Bosch produced in Germany because I believe in supporting our own. I want European men to have jobs so that they can feed their families.

Another problem of modern times is consumerism, which often leads to debt, and debt is little better than slavery. It must be quite surprising to my American readers, but among our circle of acquaintances, we are the only ones in possession of a credit card, which we use but seldom. Why not paying cash and reducing your consumption? We all tend to buy too much stuff which we don't need.

Well, it's getting rather long, so I'd better stop. If you have any more ideas, feel free to share.


  1. What a good post! All of your suggestions are perfect and I will add some of my own.

    1. Don't be silent and kowtow!! This has gotten us nowhere except pushed to the back of the bus! We have become so afraid of not offending that we are now the ones being offended and grossly so. I am convinced it is important to speak up and not be the silent majority any more.

    2. Know your rights and use them. If you don't know your rights, you don't have any. I'm American and I'm always astounded that so many people don't know what their rights are. They assume that someone else is looking out for them; hey, think again. Learn your constitution and exercise your rights. Your ignorance make you easy to manipulate. Called social engineering.

    3. We need to evangelize. I'm in my 50's and I can probable count on one hand the number of people I have come across that told me about Jesus or even handed me a bible track. Nobody cared enough to save me from hell fire. Thank God for christian radio.

    Our culture has changed because we have been afraid to be seen as not 'nice' people. People in darkness hate the light and hate the children of the light no matter how 'nice' we try to be.

    So, those are my contributions. Thank you for asking. I had fun writing it.

    1. Thanks, Shaolin! Your input is much appreciated! I agree, especially about not speaking up. Unfortunately, people have essentially become cowards, but that's probably a topic for another discussion.

  2. This was such a wonderful post! I find that men in our society want the women outside the home. They have come to expect the wife to "pull her weight." Most of our friends have double income families. I am aware of the "so what exactly do you do with your days?" question. I am glad you are encouraging women to go back to the very needed and wonderful role of keeper of the home.

    Amy Jo

  3. Dear Amy, I'm glad you liked the post! It's true about men, however, I noticed that it's often other women who will give the housewife hard time, and more often than not it's her own family. While I understand that some ladies have to work, I'm personally convinced that the traditional family is best. I'm happy if I can encourage other women in their role as wives, mothers and keepers at home.