Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Biggest Bunny In The World

and other things:

My husband found him on twitter. Isn't he cute? If he lived in my house, he'd be in danger of being cuddled to death:) I didn't even know rabbits can grow this big!

I finally finished knitting my skirt on Monday, and since we've got a spell of unusually cold weather, I had a chance to wear it, too:

The top part will have to wait till the next cold season, as today I have started working at this project:

Even though it feels more like  December than March, lol! I also bought fabric to make two skirts. Actually, I was first planning to make only one but had difficulty choosing between the same pattern in two colours so I ended up buying both of them. Now for the time being I will have something to do!


  1. That bunny sure is cute. I raise rabbits and can tell you they give a monstrous kick. I would not want a rabbit as big as the one in the picture. I love your skirt! It turned out so well.

    1. He looks rather tame though:) I wonder how the guy let him grow so big, may be he used hormones? Thanks for the compliment, the skirt was very easy to make as it was stockinette stitch only.