Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Fashions 2015

I guess I belong to the sort of people who never learn, or I must be hopelessly optimistic as I bought this magazine once again, despite all my misfortunes connected with it:

As you can see on the cover, it has various dress, skirt and accessories patterns, such as detachable collars.

I particularly liked this dress, though it's quite complicated:

It funny how they suggest that their models are suitable for office wear or leisurely activities, but there is not one of them promoted as suitable for a homemaker to go about her duties. Apparently we either don't exist, or should go around dressed in rags. Well never mind, at least they are promoting feminine styles. The magazine has, in fact, only 2 patterns for trousers, one for shorts, the rest are all skirts and dresses, so how can someone claim typically feminine clothes aren't in fashion, is beyond me:

If dresses are really not your thing, it has an abundance of skirts with variants of what can be done with one pattern:

They have shorter, straighter, more businesslike and less frivolous skirt patterns as well as jackets and blouses, to go together with them, too.

It's now difficult to say whether with me it stays by watching, or I'll try my hand at something. If I do, I'll probably start with the model above, since it's an easy pull-on skirt with elastic waist, which nicely corresponds to my general abilities as a seamstress, though I like the red dress as well. Would make it slightly longer, though.


  1. Dresses have made a huge comeback and I love it! Especially in the summer. I look forward to the warmer weather and the freedom of a dress and sandals without pantyhose and shoes. The dresses have great styles and are comfortable too.

  2. Yes, they did! I wish more women were wearing them.

  3. My problem with sewing is that the finished garment never looks quite as nice on me as it does the model. It's discouraging to spend the time to make something and then discover that the style doesn't suit me. These are very pretty dresses though.

  4. Welcome to the blog, Ellen! I deleted the double comment.

    The dresses featured in sewing magazines are done professionally, so that's probably the reason they look so well:) What I found out, is that even if you don't sew yourself, they give you ideas of what the trends for the season are.

  5. Housewife from FinlandMarch 23, 2015 at 7:37 AM

    It seems to me that for couple of years now all the webshops and catalogues have been full of dresses and skirts (and those repulsive skinny jeans). So it should be no problem to find feminine clothes.

    I finally realized what is my biggest problem in this dressing more femininely -thing. The message I want to send with my attire is that I am an outdoor person and sporty person. Because that is my "Ideal Me". That's why I always fale when I try to copy someone else's style. Luckily there are lots od hiking skirts and safari dresses that suite me.

    BTW, when I googled hiking skirts I found images of men wearing skirts. Skirts, not kilts. Now skirt IS cooler on summer but... One is confused.

  6. It's quite possible to wear skirts and produce a sporty impression, especially now when leggings came back in fashion. I climbed the mountains in a denim skirt and leggings so it can be done.

    As for men wearing skirts, well, I guess nowadays anything goes, there are also some who wear makeup. My husband had better not try it though:)

  7. Housewife from FinlandMarch 23, 2015 at 8:52 AM

    Yes, now when I realized what I want I have managed to find some blogs where ladies go hiking in skirts. Love it.

    I think that some men look very good in kilt (Sean Connery...) but skirt and make up - no. Luckily my hubby doesn't have such predispositions.

  8. The designers seem to have been pushing androgyny for ages now, I would say the succeeded with women, but have not been as lucky with men, at least until now. Which makes me think that the phrase p**** envy has some foundation in reality:)

  9. The older I get, the less I wear pants. I find skirts that much more comfortable, though I enjoy wearing capris.

  10. Skirts are much more forgiving, especially stretchy ones with elastic waist.

  11. Housewife from FinlandMarch 24, 2015 at 5:20 AM

    Do you mind me asking how you ladies prevent your thighs rubbing when it is really hot outside, too hot to wear anything but small underwear under your skirt? Or does skin adapt, when one wears skirts all the time?

    I know there are all kinds of tricks but women seemed to survive without them in the old times -even before underpants were invented.

    I hope this wasn't too unladylike question. :)

  12. Wear a loose longer skirt of light material.

  13. I wear sachet powder on my body in the heat of summer. Also wear a cotton slip as many materials are too sheer not to. Cotton is cooler that a synthetic material. As you said also loose clothing is helpful. Sometimes I like to wear cotton pantaloons as they are comfortable in the heat.
    I think even sporty clothes can be feminine. Tailored styles and accessories will make that look. Watch the textures and prints and such. No one has to wear lace or ruffles or anything that is not their liking. God made us all different! :-) There are too many fuller split skirts that can be worn for hiking. Yes the leggings under the skirt are good too.
    How people can say that they do not think women can wear skirts or dresses in cold weather or for working in. I cannot understand that. Women have been doing just that for centuries!! :) When I am outside working I especially watch my neckline and skirt length. When gardening sometimes you need to stoop and I do not want to be modest. I many times take a clothes pin into the garden and over lap the neckline with it to make it even smaller. Also watch the length of your skirts when stooping. When I sew I often make the neckline a bit higher to be more comfortable or as many do add some lace or print there.If you wear sleeveless you have to look and see if you are showing there when you move your arms. I don't think women realize that you can see into their tops through the arm holes at times. I am no big prude but why not guard your behavior and so guard what others are not suppose to see?
    It used to be older women dressed differently than even say 40 year olds. Not so much now a days. That was when there were 'house dresses' and regular street dresses. When have you last seen a section in the store for "house dresses" The pretty cotton starched dresses usually calico small prints women wore when doing their house work? They were not boring dresses. They like aprons, had their many styles and extras. Tucks, different pockets and yokes to mention a few. I guess they went out hen women went to work in droves and also stopped carrying wearing gloves. :-) Sarah