Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Housewife Radio

This is a new project of Lydia Sherman from Home Living, and it's really great. Her second broadcast features a guest speaker who shares her experience of quitting her job and becoming a housewife.

You can listen to it over here:

Monday, February 27, 2017

Feminism Doesn't Exist


If you watch this video, you'll see a male teacher losing his self-control when some teenage boys point out that the famous "pay gap" is largely due to women's choices, not discrimination. So you will probably think: "how can it be the proof that feminism doesn't exist? Of course, it does and the teacher is the example of it!"

It's all very true, but what I'm trying to say it that contrary to the popular myth, feminism isn't some grass root movement. It's a state ideology enforced from top down, as the video demonstrates. Besides government school system (at least, Americans have the right to homeschool) it's mainly enforced by the MSM, like TV shows, newspaper articles, advice columns etc etc. It's a part of liberal egalitarian dogma, not some organic movement. And we have all recently learned the concept of "fake news"...

It's not to say that feminists don't exist. Feminism plays on the insecurities of women and many get trapped, which isn't at all surprising, considering the brainwashing poor girls undergo since the earliest age. However, most women are followers, not leaders. Take away the indoctrination and they will return to the traditional pattern of falling in love, marrying, having children. There is an old saying, "there are no atheists in the foxholes". If the economy collapses and cushy office jobs + government welfare disappear overnight, how many feminists we'll still have?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chocolate Muffins

I'm afraid it's the best photo I have, they went so hard:) The original recipe was published in LandIdee, but as usual, I changed and adjusted it. As time goes by, I find out that I hardly follow the recipes any more, but they sure give me ideas!

So to make 12, you will need:

ab. 3/4 c brown sugar (they won't be very sweet)
1c or a bit more flour mixture (I used ab. 1/2c spelt+barley+whole grain vs 1/2c of plain white flour)
4 heaping tbsp of cocoa powder
2 heaping tsp of baking powder
3 eggs
4-5tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp or more (goat) milk
ab. 20g dark chocolate, rasped

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, add eggs, oil and enough milk to make a thick dough. Add rasped chocolate, mix well and spoon the dough into a prepared muffin pan. Bake at ab. 165*C for 20-25 min (check for doneness). The muffins will be on a small side. You can slice them and eat with butter and jam, like scones.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Lydia Sherman Reviews My Book

Lydia Sherman from Home Living was kind enough to review my book! That's what she writes:

Do you remember when reading a book of fiction lifted you from life's heavy concerns and took you away to another place and time? The Long Way Home does that. It contains action, a bit of mystery and some romance...

If you are an American, you will be attracted to the British type characters of yesteryear; the kind that held the stiff upper lip in times of stress, and, do not forget the tea. We all love the Brits with this type of description, and this is exactly what Sanne Wijker has developed into her main character. Though the hero of the story lives quite sacrificially, he wants to save a few things: save his country, save his own neck, and save his girl.

Read the whole of it over here: A Book Review - "The Long Way Home"

I'm especially grateful to Lydia for calling me young - it's a great compliment for this "young-ish" Gen X housewife:) Thank you, dear friend!

Now about the sequel she mentioned: I'm working on a new book which is set in the same world, but several years earlier and it features the same character (though not the main one) and the same planets. My book is currently available in print by by both Lulu and Amazon, as a PDF by Lulu and as an EPUB also by Lulu. I'm planning to purchase new ISBN numbers which will allow me to offer  the EPUB version on Amazon as well. 

I understand that some folks may have their reservations in ordering from Lulu as it's not so famous but I've done it several times myself and never had any problems. The quality of the print was good, too. Unlike many others, I don't put any ads or other commercial content on this blog and I have never panhandled. I'm not really in the need of money but I certainly would appreciate it if those who read and enjoy my blog would read and enjoy my first novel, too! Thanks in advance. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Legalism In The Church

Have you noticed how modern churches (here I should probably say churchians:) avoid preaching certain doctrines, like Titus2, but compensate inventing all sorts of rules not found anywhere in the Scriptures?

Some examples: it's not OK to put your child in daycare for a Christian woman. But to leave him with a nanny is fine. Married Christian women shouldn't have careers. However, it's perfectly normal for her to work to pay a huge mortgage so they don't have to live among those sinners in a poorer neighbourhood.

Women shouldn't wear men's clothes like pants. Wearing a long t-shirt with a belt and a pair of leggings underneath qualifies as a dress, though. Women should dress modestly which means only dark colours. A black miniskirt is modest while a long dress with a cheerful pattern is obviously sinful.

We aren't going to preach against easy divorce. This would hurt the feelings of divorced people. Never mind that according to the Scriptures, God hates divorce. We''ll try to guilt-trip people into eating less meat instead, because it's bad for the environment and also, maybe progressives will like us more.

We should give a lot of money to the Third World. It's very spiritual. We shouldn't help our married children or family if they need it, let their wives work instead. God will understand. Well, I could go on and on, but I guess you get the picture. If you have any other examples of modern church hypocrisy, feel free to post it in the comments section!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dog Dancing

Maybe I'm behind the times but I only learned about this new sport because my mother's friend is going to take part in a competition with her dog.  It's actually quite funny and cute, just what one needs on Monday to cheer up:

Sunday, February 19, 2017

International Adoption In The News Again

Save the children: stop child trafficking!

FBI raids international adoption agency.

From the article:

The investigation found that European Adoption Consultants and its providers used false documents and made false statements to influence the government decisions here and overseas. These decisions affected adoption cases and the accreditation of agencies.

The report also says the Strongsville company did not properly supervise providers overseas to ensure that the providers followed each country's laws. It says the providers did not act in the best interest of children, especially to prevent the sale, kidnapping, exploitation and kidnapping of children.

The agency also failed to follow various international treaties and laws by soliciting bribes, fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent, and lying to birth parents, the report says. It also failed to seek accurate information about children, and withheld or misrepresented important information about children.

Children are not a commodity. If you can't have children of your own, you aren't entitled to stealing those of other people. Foster care is a good alternative to international adoption as there is much more control over the system. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

In Defence Of Women

God knows, there is probably little to defend in modern women. They dress, look and behave unfeminine, they are often domineering and aggressive, they despise homemaking, they are attention wh*oring on social media, they have too many partners before they decide to settle down somewhere at the age of 37, they often aren't even good mothers etc etc and still...

Still, the shrill internet voices accusing women of these and other sins often sound just as hysterical as feminists seeing patriarchy everywhere. Do these folks really think that women just woke up one day in the 1960s, decided to burn their bras and won a revolution without firing a single shot? If you really believe it, you are extremely naive, to say the least.

That it had nothing to do with the banks, big businesses, media manipulating public opinions and the governments all over the world pushing for more equality? Take single mothers, for instance. They are often meninists' scapegoats. They apparently give in to their Female Imperative having s*x with "alphas" (more likely some unemployed loser but any guy who has s*x with women is alpha in their eyes) and then after the child is born, the father disappears and the government comes with a paycheck, due to the same Female Imperative which runs the government, too.

Of course, the real story is that there always used to be a stigma against illegitimacy, that's why "bastard" is so terribly offensive, yet after UN was created, the members signed a declaration calling to erase all the difference between children born in- and outside wedlock. "Women" didn't march in the streets demanding it. Since many women still aren't interested in politics, the majority probably didn't even know about it. I only found out because while researching something, I stumbled upon this information. It was progressives behind it, not some nebulous FI.

Just like feminists have their own creation myths, so do their male counterparts. Actually, it's even more simple. Feminists came up with a caricature of the traditional Western societies, where women had less rights than slaves, and these guys took it to heart and said that it was good and proper.

No, women in Western Europe didn't usually marry at 18. Some did, others didn't, that's why an average marriage age for women in England used to be 26, not 16. No, your uterus doesn't fall out after you turn 30. Yes, obesity makes women unattractive, but it does the same to men, too. No, divorce isn't always the woman's fault. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Finally, if you are any form of a Christian, to constantly harp on people's "market value" whether sexual or not, is just, well, not comme il faut. It's an incredibly nihilistic way of looking upon society. It makes you no different from progressives with their worship of economy and reducing human beings to global consumers. There is more to human beings than just being economic units and there is more to the relationship between the sexes than shallow materialism.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

(free image courtesy of this site)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and especially myself since it's my wedding's anniversary!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Feminism As A Weapon Of The Elites

French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon and his British-born wife Penelope will be indicted for fraud this week and could be sent for criminal trial immediately.
The 62-year-olds are currently under investigation for a range of charges including embezzlement after helping themselves to hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of taxpayers’ cash by setting up a series of allegedly fake jobs.
Mrs Fillon, a solicitor’s daughter from Wales, has been ‘fighting tooth and nail’ to prove she was secretly a high-powered parliamentary attaché and literary consultant for decades.
But she has provided zero ‘material proof’ to financial prosecutors, who will indict the couple this week, according to leaks from the enquiry published today by the Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

(Read the whole article over here )

One of the reasons some European countries used to prohibit married women from working was to avoid the situations like the one above. While lower class women are supposed to enjoy working some mundane, low-paid job, the elites' own wives get paid hundreds of thousands for doing nothing. Literally.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Death Of A Politician

Here richly, with ridiculous display,
The Politician's corpse was laid away.
While all of his acquaintance sneered and slanged
I wept: for I had longed to see him hanged.

Quoted from Here

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Advantages Of Marriage for Men

Once in a while you come across an article which makes you stop and think, like it happened to me when I read the one published by FoxNews trying to lure more men into marriage. Marriage rates are dropping across the USA and beyond, which is actually little surprise considering the fact that Western governments have done their best to reduce what used to be a bedrock of Western civilisation to "roommates with extra rights" relationship. What is surprising is that people keep marrying still, despite all the odds.

So the lady author points to a research project which says that married  "men enjoy more money, better sex, and better health when they are married" compared to those who stay single. How true are these claims? First, from my own observation, marriage, outside of religious communities, has pretty much become a middle and upper class phenomenon. They will have more money on average per definition.

According to the article, better health comes partly from "better eating", which is again, typical for people higher on the social ladder. Lower classes, unfortunately, care little for nutrition, whether married or not, are addicted to fast food and many women don't cook, outside of warming up microwave dinners once in a while. It used to be that a man would marry to have someone prepare his meals, nowadays the chance is big he'll do the cooking himself, married or single.

Considering sex, while the report claims that more married than single men are satisfied with their love life, 51% is still quite low. In more traditional cultures, women are taught never to deny their husbands unless there is a medical reason, but apparently, 49% of the wives of the respondents don't put out nearly enough. Of course, in the times before reliable birth control, separate bedrooms weren't considered something really shocking, but then the husband could visit ladies of easy virtue and nobody would bat an eye, either.

But it was the part about money which especially drew my attention. I'll quote it in full:

Married men earn more, save more, and generally have access to a second income.  The typical fifty-something married man has three times the assets of his unmarried peer, about $167,000 compared to $36,000 for never-married and $48,500 for divorced.

Three things come to mind. First, correlation isn't causation. Since marriage is more typical for the wealthier among us, it's only logical that their income is higher. Married men also often will work longer hours because they have to, not because they particularly like it. They are more likely to own a big house which counts as "assets", I guess. Second, it's quite cynical to focus on the lower incomes of divorced men, when they often lose so much financially in the event of divorce (including and particularly, "assets"), especially considering the fact, that, to quote the article: The report notes that a majority of first divorces are initiated by women (though I'd like to point out that the one who initiates divorce isn't necessarily the guilty party).

The best part is, of course, this: Married men...generally have access to a second income . I wonder if the lady who wrote it considers herself any sort of a conservative, as this is really the last nail in the coffin of traditional marriage in the West: men marrying so that they could get a cushy lifestyle provided by their wives.

The report gives advice to the husbands how to avoid divorce:

“Men who do their best to hold down a stable job, who don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, who are sexually faithful, who attend religious services regularly with their wives, and who make a regular effort to be emotionally engaged in their marriage are less likely to divorce.”

It used to be that women got advice from their mothers on how to hold your marriage together, now men are supposed to do it. The report doesn't give advice on what's a man to do if his wife commits adulteries against him, divorces him and gets half his stuff because all divorce is no-fault. Role reversal is practically complete with onus on the men to keep their wives, not vice versa. 
No wonder that marriage rates keep dropping.

Liberal egalitarian individualism promoted in the current Western society is detrimental to marriage and articles like this are just a Band-Aid, nothing more. You don't treat gangrene with Band-Aid. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Links

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(it doesn't have to be "maternity pants", you know)

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for blood...defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it. 

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Healthy Fruit Cake

And very tasty, too!
It's my version of a recipe from LandIdee, a Dutch magazine.

You'll need:

about 300g of dried mixed fruit (mine included plums, apricots and apples)
hot tea of your choice (I used red bush variety)
ab. 20g butter + 4tbsp olive oil
3/4 c cane sugar
1 egg
ab. 2c or a bit more flour (I used barley and wholemeal in addition to plain white flour)
2 full tsp of baking powder
1 tbsp fruit syrup of your choice

Pour hot tea over dried fruit and let it stand for a couple of hours, take the fruit out with a slotted spoon but save the liquid to use later. In a mixing bowl, combine butter, olive oil and sugar, mix well. Add the egg and flour + baking powder, then the fruit + enough liquid to make soft dough, stir until combined. Transfer the dough to a greased and lined cake pan, use a spoon to make the surface level. The chance is big it still will be a bit crumbly, so pour syrup all over it.

Bake at 165*C for ab. 1 hour or less (Mine was ready in 50 min + extra 5 min needed to heat the oven). Enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Beginning Of A New Season?

It's been so warm the last couple of days that I ventured to sit outside with a cup of coffee yesterday (actually, it was cocoa, but who cares:). It was windy though so I didn't stay long but it does feel like an early spring. I wanted to say it's just like in Italy, except that the weather in Italy is so bad at the moment they stopped sending us spinach and different salad sorts, so it's actually better than Italy! Unfortunately, it's just for a couple of days...

We are still busy upstairs, here is a pic of the progress we made:

And I still have a cold...

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Brexit Becomes A Reality

Somehow all the time I keep saying "breakfast" instead of "Brexit" :) It appears that UK crossed the point of no return yesterday evening:

Historic moment for Britain as the BREXIT Bill is passed by MPs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Dangers Of Women

 A public health announcement.

(Not all women, but only of the wild variety, of course:)

Did you know, that Alexandre Dumas, senior had had as many as 40 mistresses and fathered several illegitimate children? Despite being one of the highest-paid novelists in France of that period, he was quite often insolvent because of spending so much money on them. Which made me think of this:

150 years later and we have men still complaining that wild women cost them while chasing the said women. Gentlemen, you have been officially warned, wild women and whiskey will drive you crazy and insane! And don't get me started on the dangers of smoking, either...Consider this post as written in the interests of public health:)

Here are the lyrics.