Sunday, February 19, 2017

International Adoption In The News Again

Save the children: stop child trafficking!

FBI raids international adoption agency.

From the article:

The investigation found that European Adoption Consultants and its providers used false documents and made false statements to influence the government decisions here and overseas. These decisions affected adoption cases and the accreditation of agencies.

The report also says the Strongsville company did not properly supervise providers overseas to ensure that the providers followed each country's laws. It says the providers did not act in the best interest of children, especially to prevent the sale, kidnapping, exploitation and kidnapping of children.

The agency also failed to follow various international treaties and laws by soliciting bribes, fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent, and lying to birth parents, the report says. It also failed to seek accurate information about children, and withheld or misrepresented important information about children.

Children are not a commodity. If you can't have children of your own, you aren't entitled to stealing those of other people. Foster care is a good alternative to international adoption as there is much more control over the system. 


  1. There are reputable international adoption agencies! Apparently, the one in the article was not, and that is terrible. Adoptive parents must research to make sure that they are working with a reputable agency.

    We could not have children by birth. We adopted two children. We certainly did not steal them! The well known, reputable agency we worked with has been in existence for more than 60 years. There are pre-adoption interviews, reams of paperwork, several home studies both before and after adoption with reputable agencies. In our state the home studies are done by social workers who work with the state and the adoption agency. At the time we adopted our children, there were separate procedures that needed to be done for them to become citizens of the USA. We did all of that.

    For us, foster care would not have been a good alternative. Foster children in our state often do not stay in a home on a permanent basis, but can be suddenly ripped out your home, creating heart break for all involved. In my opinion, the Foster care system in our state, in the USA, makes it very difficult to nearly impossible for the children or the foster parents to feel safe and confident enough to form permanent, loving bonds that create families. The Foster Care system is not necessarily one aimed at creating permanent families. Adoption is.

    Our children, adopted internationally, were young babies when they came home to us. They are now 30 and 33 years old, successful adults, one is a registered nurse and one is career military. And we have a grandchild.

    Our children were never a commodity. We did not "steal" them! We are Family...and have been for more than 33 years.

  2. As the demand grows so the more shady agencies appear. This is not the first article highlighting the problem. There is no denying that some internationally adopted children do just fine, while others do not. I stand by what I said: for any child it's better to grow up in his own country and culture, surrounded by his own people, even if an orphan. Sorry if I hurt someone's feelings by stating this. It's just my opinion, nothing more nothing less.

  3. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion in your comment section. I appreciate that. Regardless of being raised by their own birth parents, adopted in their country of origin, or internationally adopted, some children do just fine, while others do not. In my opinion, a baby/child raised in an orphanage would not have the same advantages as being raised in a loving family. You didn't hurt my feelings. I am aware that many people feel as you do, but I did want to encourage families that plan on adopting to thoroughly research the agency that they will work with.

    Even though I may not have the same opinions as you do on all things, I respect you and your opinions and the thought that you have put into them. I also think that it is good to get information about illegal adoption practices out in the open so that people are informed.

    Thank you for being gracious and allowing me to respond here once again.

  4. You are welcome, Susie! I understand very well that it's a kind of topic which makes many people emotional and certainly appreciate the fact that we can have a difference of opinion and still discuss it politely:) It's actually seldom happening on the internet these days...

    I'd like to stress that most of my posts are general in nature, i.e. I don't point fingers to anyone in particular, but talk about what in my opinion works best as general rule. Obviously, there are always exceptions.

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