Thursday, August 27, 2020

Real Resistance

A great post:

How To Support Real Resistance

I'm trying to live in a similar manner more or less, but am by no means perfect (only today I bought a new skirt and some Nestle product which I really don't need).

Things that I do: we hardly ever use the credit card and I try to pay cash whenever possible. I try to shop locally, especially for food (we have some great farms close by). I do visit big supermarket chains, but also patronise small ethnic shops and try to avoid buying "made in China" when possible

 (I do have a weakness for IKEA though. The thing about IKEA is that they have really cool ideas for people living in small apartments/houses and a small house means a small mortgage. They show that you can do it, even with kids. In one of their catalogues, they even featured a young family living together with Granny).

We  have a community garden though we hardly have succeeded at growing anything edible yet, except lemon balm. I also regularly visit Goodwill type of stores and try to recycle. We usually don't eat at fast food stores, either. I do know my neighbours but it mostly stays by talking a bit outside.

The problem with his last point is that most people nowadays prefer to lock themselves up in front of the TV. I've heard similar stories from others who tried to be friendly with their neighbours. We used to have some neighbourhood events before but ever since this corona stuff began, things kinda stopped happening.

In addition, I went caveman routine last year as in not using any commercial styling/makeup product any more (I still own a lipstick, btw). Which means that I wash my hair with plain water, use soap from the health store, brush my teeth with a wooden tooth brush and charcoal powder and use neither makeup nor any form of skin care product. My skin and hair only got better because of it. I'm not against makeup in principle, I just feel that I don't need it and its producers make huge contributions to woke causes.

 Oh and I hardly ever turn the indoctrination device aka TV on. We mostly watch old TV shows, too.

Do you do any of those things and what do you think about it? Feel free to share!

I'm Back!

We came home yesterday. Though the weather was colder than the original forecasts, we still enjoyed ourselves, but returned just in time as my mother-in-law condition is rapidly deteriorating. I'll post some pictures when I'm more in the mood.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Second Attempt

I do hope it will be more successful than the 1st one. Seeing that my mother-in-law now appears to be more or less stable, we decided to still go away for a couple of days. I was lucky enough to find a reasonably priced hotel which is close enough to where we live so that we could quickly return if necessary. I'm planning to come back on Wednesday and will live the comments as they are now. The weather has changed abruptly and now it looks like autumn but we did manage to swim on Friday, which was really great.

See you all later this week, cheers!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Attention Pregnant Ladies

After a certain age expectant mothers are usually encouraged to undergo screening for chromosomal abnormalities which nowadays often takes a form of a blood test done in the 1st trimester that is considered less invasive and dangerous than amnio. If the results come back showing high probability of certain genetic disorders she could be advised to terminate.

Yet, recent research shows that at the early stages of development (1st trimester), the foetus is capable of restoring itself and eliminating abnormal cells:

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz underwent a standard test that showed 25 per cent of the cells in her developing embryo could be abnormal.
Under traditional medical thinking, such an outcome could have resulted in a termination. However, she went ahead with the pregnancy and after her son, Simon, was born healthy, she was inspired to research how the developing foetus can heal itself.

 Prof Zernicka-Goetz, 52, found rogue cells revealed by such tests are often killed off by their healthy neighbours. The mother of two said older mothers should be 'reassured' because even levels of up to 50 per cent abnormal cells can be eliminated by the body's repair mechanisms.

Read the whole article over here.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Family Update

My mother-in-law was transferred to a local hospice yesterday. Her condition is more or less stable right now, the doctor in hospital wasn't talking about days any more, but possibly longer? We have a tiny but of hope left yet.

Thank you everyone who prayed, I really appreciate it!

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sad News

We had to cancel our vacation. My mother-in-law suddenly became unwell yesterday evening and at 2a.m. this morning we were told that she was dying and there was nothing left to do.

Even though she had been sick for a long time, it came totally unexpected as only a couple of days before she had a health check and seemed to be OK. The doctors say it could be over in the course of this week.

Please pray for us, at the moment we really need it.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

It's This Time Of The Year Again

When folks are going on vacation and so we are planning to spend a couple of weeks with our Eastern neighbours. I bought a whole pack of face masks yesterday because they say in Germany you need to wear them in stores, we'll see how strictly it is enforced. Anyway, it's their country their rules, I guess, I'm glad we are still able to go anywhere abroad.

The heat wave is more or less over, it was rough this year, my small airco hardly cooled at all in the end and the temps in our bedroom probably never fell under 28*C. Yesterday I went and visited a couple of friends and everybody looked like they were hit by a truck, I looked (and certainly felt) the same:) Makes one think hard about installing a split system, but they use 5 kwh I heard which is insanely expensive so I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it. May be, it will be colder next summer.

The comments will be switched to moderation tomorrow, until we return, so see you all later!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Should You Always Trust Medical System?

Because your doctor is always right, isn't he?

A report by Milliman and Robertson, Inc., published in 1995, concludes that 60% of the surgeries performed are unnecessary. When you are in a situation where the doctor tells you that surgery is the only way, do not work up a panic. Stay calm and seek a second, third, and if required, even a fourth opinion, till you are convinced that surgery is the best solution for your ailment. At no cost must you agree to go under the knife, till all your doubts are satisfactorily answered.

The article below has a list of unnecessary surgeries:

Most Common Surgeries that are Unnecessary

Monday, August 10, 2020

A Short Personal Note

We are in the middle of a heat wave right now. My computer is upstairs (it's a notebook but it's hooked to the printer and things) and I have no airco in my bedroom, so it's pretty uninhabitable during the day, and in the mornings and evenings I have other things to do, hence the lack of posting. I'll try to update tomorrow though.

See you all later!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Speaking Of Personal Responsibility

This lady  raises an important issue. It's not only "American" mindset, btw, it's typical for the majority of "developed" aka Western countries. I've seen it with my own eyes.

With the corona debate still raging (since now on the catering sector are supposed to write down your personal info just in case) there is much talk about "personal responsibility" towards others. I should say, that personal responsibility should first be directed towards oneself. Start taking responsibility for your own health, lose weight if necessary, exercise, get enough vitD etc. Years of unhealthy lifestyle can't really be corrected by surgeries, pills and vaccines.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Woke Corporations Strike Again

It was sugar after all.

Coca-Cola's work with scientists to downplay the role sugar plays in contributing to obesity has been called a 'low point in this history of public health.'

The beverage company donated millions of dollars to a team of researchers  at a non-profit claiming to look into causes of excess weight gain in the US.

However, the team ended up being a 'front group' for Coca-Cola and promoted the idea that it was a lack of exercise, not a bad diet, that was the primary driver of the US obesity epidemic.

Read the whole article over here

Monday, August 3, 2020

Was It Really, Sweden, Yes?

 The big corona debate continues.

Here is the link to an article praising Swedish approach to dealing with the virus, though I'd like to call your attention to the discussion below it which is probably more interesting (and at times, quite heated) than the article itself.

The situation in my neck of woods at the moment is as follows: everything got opened, though to attend many places like some zoos, for instance, you need to make an appointment online beforehand. Restaurants are open. You are asked to wash your hands before you go inside or you are at least, given such a possibility in many places. You are still expected to keep 1.5m distance everywhere you go, which many people don't do. All touristic places are full of tourists.

The new cases started surging, but they are also testing more so it's not clear what's going on. The numbers are updated once a week and the media are getting quite hysterical about the 2nd wave though our Center of Disease Control say that they aren't currently worried.

Now about the big mask controversy. The chief of our CDC has basically said many times that wearing mask doesn't really work yet they have been required in public transport since June. Now the mayors of two major cities where the cases continue growing have decided to make masks mandatory in busiest areas which many people are against, while others are for, while law professors say it's unconstitutional.

I haven't used public transportation since February and have never worn a mask so far though I bought a pack when they started selling them back in May. I probably need to buy more because I've heard that in Germany which we are planning to visit soon they are apparently required in restaurants. Some people come from a bus/metro stop and keep wearing them but most don't. People I talk to are all skeptical about the vaccine, many say they will refuse it.

How are things going in your place? Please feel free to share!