Thursday, August 27, 2020

Real Resistance

A great post:

How To Support Real Resistance

I'm trying to live in a similar manner more or less, but am by no means perfect (only today I bought a new skirt and some Nestle product which I really don't need).

Things that I do: we hardly ever use the credit card and I try to pay cash whenever possible. I try to shop locally, especially for food (we have some great farms close by). I do visit big supermarket chains, but also patronise small ethnic shops and try to avoid buying "made in China" when possible

 (I do have a weakness for IKEA though. The thing about IKEA is that they have really cool ideas for people living in small apartments/houses and a small house means a small mortgage. They show that you can do it, even with kids. In one of their catalogues, they even featured a young family living together with Granny).

We  have a community garden though we hardly have succeeded at growing anything edible yet, except lemon balm. I also regularly visit Goodwill type of stores and try to recycle. We usually don't eat at fast food stores, either. I do know my neighbours but it mostly stays by talking a bit outside.

The problem with his last point is that most people nowadays prefer to lock themselves up in front of the TV. I've heard similar stories from others who tried to be friendly with their neighbours. We used to have some neighbourhood events before but ever since this corona stuff began, things kinda stopped happening.

In addition, I went caveman routine last year as in not using any commercial styling/makeup product any more (I still own a lipstick, btw). Which means that I wash my hair with plain water, use soap from the health store, brush my teeth with a wooden tooth brush and charcoal powder and use neither makeup nor any form of skin care product. My skin and hair only got better because of it. I'm not against makeup in principle, I just feel that I don't need it and its producers make huge contributions to woke causes.

 Oh and I hardly ever turn the indoctrination device aka TV on. We mostly watch old TV shows, too.

Do you do any of those things and what do you think about it? Feel free to share!


  1. I thought I commented yesterday, but I'm having trouble here apparently, as it's not the first time recently that I thought I'd commented but didn't. This will be shorter.

    We do a lot of OfferUp/Craiglist buying and selling. I buy a lot of produce from a local vendor and dairy from a local farm. We're cash and barter shoppers.

    However, that's about the size of it, really. There is a lot of room for improvement in our purchasing habits.

  2. I'm sorry you are having trouble commenting! I had problems with disappearing comments in the past and now I always log in first, before trying to post a reply otherwise it doesn't get published.

    I agree there is always room for improvement! I'm not really fanatical about many of these things, just mindful. With years, I also started seeing things in a different light. Why waste money on a brand when generic is just as good? For too many, it's simply about maintaining a certain lifestyle, otherwise they could just cut on their working hours and enjoy life more. Or take makeup, for instance. Those who use it most are those who need it least, young women. When you are 18-20, every man will find you attractive unless you are seriously overweight or have some other issue.