Friday, August 7, 2020

Speaking Of Personal Responsibility

This lady  raises an important issue. It's not only "American" mindset, btw, it's typical for the majority of "developed" aka Western countries. I've seen it with my own eyes.

With the corona debate still raging (since now on the catering sector are supposed to write down your personal info just in case) there is much talk about "personal responsibility" towards others. I should say, that personal responsibility should first be directed towards oneself. Start taking responsibility for your own health, lose weight if necessary, exercise, get enough vitD etc. Years of unhealthy lifestyle can't really be corrected by surgeries, pills and vaccines.


  1. I agree. Personal responsibility* should be first demonstrated by self-government. Including healthy lifestyle habits among many others.

    This whole "personal responsibility for others" deal opens the door to all kinds of nefariousness.

    *Note: I am not denying our responsibility to care about the needy and weak within our spheres of influence. This is an integral part of our Christian duty.

  2. Elspeth, if only people were just as scared of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes as some are now of catching the virus, may be they'd finally put down that cigarette and the beer bottle and French fries...