Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Autumn Garden

Some pictures from last week:

It's mild for the time of the years but it has been raining every day for like 4 weeks:)

How's your weather? 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

You Are Allowed To Eat Meat Again!

Is red meat back on the menu?

A controversial study says cutting down on sausages, mince, steak and all other forms of red or processed meat is a waste of time for most people.
The report - which disagrees with most major organisations on the planet - says the evidence is weak and any risk to people's health is small.
Some experts have praised the "rigorous" assessment.
But others say "the public could be put at risk" by such "dangerously misguided" research.

In my opinion, there is little use arguing about what is the best diet. I do think veganism and eating too much soy are unhealthy (B12 deficit and hormonal dis-balance come to mind) , plus, too many vegans have some kind of a radical political agenda, but a vegetarian who eats dairy and/or eggs (and at least, some of them eat fish, too), should be OK. On the other hand, there are folks who have gone paleo/primeval and they also appear to be doing fine. One thing everyone agrees is bad for you is over-consumption of fast/processed food, sugary drinks and alcohol.

And if you are a Christian, the Scriptures certainly allow eating meat, but don't mandate it, either. Isn't it great that we have a freedom of choice?

Friday, October 11, 2019

Primitive Living And Other Cool Stuff

My favourite YouTuber uploaded this video a couple of days ago:

Each time I'm tramautised by another account of a soyboy young man who needs his mommy to hold his hand at any given moment of his life, Rune Malte restores my faith in European manhood:)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Birth Announcement

Greta will have to wait now as I have more pressing things on my mind!!!

She was and she is - our cat Frida became a proud first-time mother of 4 this Tuesday. Everything went fine and now she has to get adjusted to her new role:) Sometimes she is kinda not really sure what to do, but in general, she's doing great. As my husband told me: "I went to work as the owner of 2 cats and now I have 6:)"

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Is there An Incentive To Destroy Your Marriage?

There is a popular opinion going around that women are encouraged to end their marriages "for cash and prizes".  Let's examine whether it's true or just another emotional tool to discourage marriages among Western people.

I've witnessed many divorces (unfortunately). Sometimes the husband was to blame, sometimes the wife and sometimes both. Most women who I know who initiated divorce had either adulterous husbands or were adulterous themselves. There were also women who were partly motivated by the husbands being lousy providers/borderline abusive etc. I don't know anyone who was motivated by boredom (they probably exist but I have never met them), much less by the desire "to steal the half of his stuff".

However, this is anecdotal evidence, so let's turn to facts. Obviously, I'm not going to disclose anyone's personal history online, so we'll have to do with an estimation. And here I have a question: when virtual sages are talking about "half his stuff" do they suggest that every man is a millionaire? Because half of the lower middle class guy's stuff is not that much. Plus, most women nowadays work at least part-time while married or have worked before and have some savings or have had money from their family etc etc. It's their stuff, too.

So here is our hypothetical family who live in a house which costs about 200k. It could be less or more but it's about average in some places. Let's say they bought it for 175k and also they paid a part of their mortgage.They have been married for 10 years and the wife works 2.5 days per week and is about 40. Then one day they divorce. The house is on both of their names so they sell it, pay the bank and have the profit of about 50k which they have to divide in 2. Each has 25 000. The man works full time and is the main breadwinner. He comes to the bank and easily gets another mortgage. The wife whose income is much less, not so much...

To get a decent amount of money she'll have to start working full time which most women don't want to do here in Europe. Still, the house she'll be able to buy with her income alone will probably be worse than what they could buy with their combined income if you follow me. It all may work very well when she finds another man, but as long as she stays single she won't really become wealthier. I'm not even talking here about custody arrangements, the costs of daycare (and no, child support won't make you really rich, either, plus fathers nowadays can ask for split custody).

The peaceful separation described above isn't always a fact, either, as may people have a contested divorce which means they will have to hire a lawyer, go to court, miss work and so on. You really need to be very stupid to divorce a good husband hoping for any "cash and prizes"".

The same people warning you against thieving females will tell you especially to beware of the housewives because they will get more out of you. So let's get back to our scenario above but now the lady is a housewife who's been out of the workforce for 10 years. She comes to the bank with her 25 000 and no job, does she get a mortgage, what do you think? If she can't find a good job, which is quite possible in this day and age, she'll probably have to move to social housing which is full of the sort of people most normal folks will try to avoid like a plague.

What about alimony,the biggest scare in some parts of the web? First, depending on the husband's income and the amount of child support he has to pay, it won't be much unless he is very wealthy. Second, if the wife can work and has no children under the age of 12, she probably won't get it. Third, the new law states that partner alimony can't be paid longer than 5 years in the majority of cases. Older women and women with small children or both (since so many women nowadays get kids late in life) will have problems both finding a good job and finding a new provider as modern men don't rush to rescue the damsel in distress.

The chance is that the divorced older woman will end up on welfare which is based on the minimum salary. You won't be able to go on vacation and you won't even be able to have a car any more. So no, unless the woman is married to a wealthy guy, she won't profit from her divorce.

And wealthy guys all marry with contracts where you can stipulate that the ex-wife will get nothing if divorce is her fault, for instance. There are also other ways to safe keep your family money, by creating a fund, by declaring the family property as the company property and putting the company on the husband's name etc etc. A rich man will always find a way.

You will tell me that it's different in the USA. It can be, I don't really know. But the times of life-long alimony in the world of the working women are more or less over.  It is my personal opinion that scare-mongering about the financial horrors of divorce for men (if it's so horrific why do I know so many guys who ran away from their wives?) and the advice that if you do marry you should keep your wife working and never ever allow her to stay home are a malicious attack on the traditional Western family model coming from the same progressive corner, only this time they pretend to be friends to men.

The truth is that nobody profits from a divorce. It's true that  young women nowadays are taught to ditch their husbands for the most trivial of reasons. However, it's mostly a lie that this will improve their situation, especially if the young children are involved. I would like to end this post by reminding you that God hates divorce and that if you are any sort of a Christian you should hate, it, too. Please don't do it, unless there are really very compelling reasons ("falling out of love" isn't one of them).

Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Saviour Won't Come From The Internet

Western society is very liberal and as a result folks often feel isolated, especially if they don't subscribe to the official world view, so it's hardly surprising that they are increasingly turning to the internet for answers. Internet is full of great resources, YouTube videos, podcasts, twitter feeds, like-minded individuals on Facebook, you name it. It can create a real sense of community  and teach you skills they hardly teach you at school any more (how to be a good homemaker, for instance).

It's all fine. I use many of these resources daily myself and even run a blog:) However, there is a caveat: internet can't substitute real relationships with real people in the real world. There is also this tendency to cult-like behaviour by followers of this or that internet personality. When we encounter others in real life we see both their positive and negative sides. Yet online it's easy to create a  certain persona, there is very little accountability so to say.

I tend to be very wary of those teachers who we know next to nothing about. No picture, no info of any kind, no personal details of any sort. How can we even know that they are what they claim? Yes, there are good reasons for anonymity when you are on the wrong side of the modern political spectre, but one can still go too far if you know what I mean.

I'm also suspicious of those who will give you advice which promotes actions known for their negative consequences, like supporting p*rn which is known to create sexual dysfunction in men as "liberating" or pretending to be a Christian and then telling you to avoid churches of any kind because none of them is good enough etc.

Sound advice for young people of both sexes would be to eat a healthy diet, be physically active, avoid promiscuity and substance abuse, go to church, spend time outdoors in the sunshine, have a group of family and friends you can rely on etc.  It then would include more specific advice on dating and marriage, child-raising etc. While it's important to warn young people of the pitfalls of the modern world, being overly negative and nihilistic only creates more dysfunction and despair in the long run. Instead of being nihilistic, we should be realistic.

I also don't believe that scolding works. While progressives are known for castigating men (specifically "white males") right-wingers often behave like their mirror image and spend enormous amount of time blaming women for all the world's ills, as if an average young woman is somehow responsible for the actions of the woke elites.

Fiery preaching on the topic of sin belongs in the church. Heated political discussions are the domain of men. When I write my posts I do hope to encourage others but I don't have a presumption to function as a Sunday sermon substitute. I just don't see the point and I don't think that I have all the answers, either.

If you have any ideas on the topic, feel free to share!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

When Propaganda Backfires

Check this tweet and watch the video, it's hilarious:

Satire Gone Wrong

Unfortunately I can't embed tweets on Blogger...