Friday, July 1, 2022

Wokeness On Steroids

 British banks are cancelling their customers now:

Halifax customers are closing their accounts en masse today after its social media team told them to leave if they don't like their new pronoun badges for staff in what is being branded one of the biggest PR disasters in British business history.

One account holder told MailOnline they have already pulled out investments and savings worth £450,000 while many more said they are closing ISAs, cutting up credit cards or transferring balances to rivals after they accused the bank of 'alienating' them with 'pathetic virtue signalling'.

 The row began this week when Halifax, which was propped up by the taxpayer to the tune of £30billion as part of a 2008 bailout, tweeted its 118,000 followers on Tuesday revealing that it would allow staff to display their pronouns on their name badges, in a post that read 'pronouns matter'.

 Some pathetic libertarians love talking "muh private companies" though...

It showed a photo of a female staff member's name badge, which featured 'she/her/hers' in brackets under the name Gemma, and said the policy was to help avoid 'accidental misgendering'.

One customer replied: 'There’s no ambiguity about the name “Gemma”. It’s a female person’s name. In other words, it’s pathetic virtue signalling and is seen as such by almost everyone who has responded to the initial tweet. Why are you trying to alienate people?' Within 20 minutes a member of the Halifax social media team, calling himself Andy M, replied: 'If you disagree with our values, you're welcome to close your account'.

Andy M's response has outraged customers, and seen hundreds claiming they will boycott the bank with many saying they have closed their accounts. Others have cut up their credit cards or getting rid of insurance policies and said the threat was the final straw after it cut 27 branches alone in 2022.

They also threaten their customers with police if they are deemed not politically correct enough:

On its website, Halifax say any customers they deem to be 'transphobic' could have their accounts closed. 

Underneath a page titled 'what we stand for', they say: 'We stand against discrimination and inappropriate behaviour in all forms, whether racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist, regardless of whether this happens in our branches, offices, over the phone or online on our social media channels. 

'Such action may include account closure or contacting the police if necessary.'

So will they also monitor your social media/internet use now? 1984 was truly prophetic. Also, everyone likes to complain about boomers and stuff, but what about millennials?

 On BBC Radio 4 yesterday financial commentator Matthew Lynn warned: 'Companies don't need to aggressively take positions on what are still quite divisive social issues. It probably didn't come from the CEO – it comes from a bunch of millennial 20-somethings running the Twitter feed.

Woke capitalism is our greatest misfortune...

Monday, June 27, 2022

St John The Baptist Feast

 I actually wanted to write about in on Saturday, but I've been so incredibly busy lately. It used to be a very important feast in pre-Reformation times, as explained in this article and still is for Catholics. 

It's like a Christian form of Midsummer celebrations and it's exactly 6 months before Christmas, which Catholics and Lutherans over here always celebrate on the Christmas Eve, that is the evening of December 24th. 

It's interesting that we've always had festivals around this time of the year, except in the corona period. In Germany, for instance, they celebrate Midsummer and I think, in Scandinavia, too. This year we've got 2 festivals, last weekend it was the Viking market, this past weekend we had a beer festival, with live music and a sort of fair. It was quite nice, though not so widely visited as in previous years, by some reason.

I guess some folks are still afraid of Covid or something. Anyway, it was fun. And now we've got that behind us, it's nearly vacation time again:)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

A Serious Question

 Why are Americans, especially women and young women at that, often so horribly overweight? I've been looking at the videos of protesters against the overturn of Roe vs Wade and it's the first what catches the eye. 

Also, yesterday we were at the zoo. Now we have our own share of plump people, what you normally would call fat. But there was a young woman sitting in a restaurant next to us, with a toddler and a group of people and she wasn't just ordinarily fat, she was well, like a mountain. I was intrigued, but then I heard them all speak English with an American accent and thought, "Oh, OK, now I understand."

Folks like to talk about "standard American diet" and stuff like that, but here she was living in a Euro country where most people don't look like this and still managing to reach such a size. So it must be some cultural thing, I guess...

Friday, June 24, 2022

History Was Made Today

 Roe vs Wade was officially abolished:

"Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences.," wrote Justice Samuel Alito in the Friday decision - the May 2 leak of which led to widespread protests and an attempted murder against Justice Brett Kavanaugh - the court overturned the 1973 case which guaranteed access to abortion nationwide.

This is a huge victory for Pro-life movement, congratulations, guys!

The Golden Calf Still Stands


I'd argue that it has become even worse now. At least, at the time when this opera was composed many folks were still genuinely poor and there was little if any done to provide some sort of safety net so they tried to gather wealth as a form of insurance against disease and old age.

While nowadays when hardly anyone in the West goes without, even churches don't preach against consumerism and often encourage abandoning babies in the care of others as long as it's "to have a nice semi-detached" in the suburbs, away from these icky sinful city inhabitants (and by the way, here in Western Europe cities are perfectly safe, with some exceptions) or to be able to afford multiple vacations...

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