Friday, March 31, 2023

Donald Trump Indicted

 That'll probably only make him more popular. 

Nevertheless, the crazy train intensifies. So far this week we've already had a school shooting, alphabet activists storming state capitol buildings and now this. 

I have a feeling it could end in another civil war for the USA...

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Marijuana Bad For Male Fertility

 I guess that's why it's being heavily promoted lately, including in "alternative right" circles:

CANNABIS could reduce the size of a man's testicles and impact sperm quality, a study claims.

THC — the psychoactive chemical in the drug — hits male fertility but changes can be reversed when users stop taking it, scientists found...

Dr Jason Hedges, of the ONPRC, said: “We understand that for teens and young adults, family planning might not be top of mind. 

And that's exactly the target audience. 

“However, THC even in moderate doses could impact their fertility outcomes, so this is a serious concern for us as healthcare providers.

“The more we can understand and define this issue, the better information we can provide to patients to be able to optimise their reproductive health.”

Read the whole article over here. 


Monday, March 27, 2023

Woke brigade never sleeps

 Agatha Christie is next:

The sensitivity readers are said to have edited down dialogue from Christie's character Mrs. Allerton from the 1937 Poirot novel Death on the Nile. In the text, she criticized a group of annoying children, saying, "their eyes are simply disgusting, and so are their noses." The new version reportedly removes this description.

“The Nubian boatman” is now just “the boatman” in the same novel.

The 1964 Miss Marple novel A Caribbean Mystery had a few revisions as well, with the new edition missing the description of a West Indian hotel worker as having “such lovely white teeth.” A reference to a female character having “a torso of black marble such as a sculptor would have enjoyed” was also done away with. A racial slur used against individuals with black or brown skin was further removed from the book.

In her 1920 debut novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, the Poirot's comment about another character being “a Jew, of course” has additionally been cut. In the same book, all references to gypsies have been deleted.

As for her book Miss Marple’s Final Cases and Two Other Stories, the new edition changes the description of an angry character from “his Indian temper” to just "his temper."

"Natives" has also reportedly been replaced with the word "local." 

I should add that the new, "improved" Bible version being currently promoted over here, does away with the word "whoredom" substituting it with "unchaste behaviour" or something similarly gay.I guess as not to hurt the feelings of whores and whoremongers. 1984 was a prophecy....

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Taliban Vs Hillary Clinton?

Personally I tend to think it is a parody account

Former senator and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was on the wrong side of a social media exchange with an unlikely adversary this week – the  “Taliban Public Relations Department.”

“Girls in Afghanistan should be going back to school tomorrow, but the Taliban is only allowing boys to be educated,” Clinton tweeted on Wedensday, adding the hashtag “#LetAfghanGirlsLearn.”...

...In response, the Taliban account responded with a vicious roast that invoked Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump, as wells as her husband Bill’s infamous extramarital affairs.

“You spent $700m in our country trying to teach women and girls that there are 140 different genders,” the Taliban tweeted. “No wonder you lost to the orange gangster. You left a huge mess behind in Afghanistan, just like your husband did with that dress.”

they are very good at trolling though

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is Cooking Oppression?

 Let's find out!

Oh East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet

There was a discussion on a Telegram channel I read recently, which perfectly well illustrates the difference.

There are both Muslims and right-wing Christians on that channel and they were discussing the trend of sl8tty e-girls. One Muslim guy said that instead of wh8ring around in public, the girls should go home and cook dinner for their family. Immediately, a Christian guy told him that it was degrading for women to even suggest that their place is at home doing housework.

Another Muslim guy responded that just as men have the duty to provide women have the duty to cook and clean and take care of their family. Doing one's duty could never be degrading, in his opinion.

So here you have it, the fundamental difference between the East and the West. Meninists online will rant about how horrible Western women are nowadays, but the truth is that most Western men are simps, even conservative Christians and would white knight even for a theoretical woman. Women in the West aren't supposed to have any duties at all, only rights.

 They can stay home and cook and clean for their husbands and/or kids, but only if they choose to. They can even submit to their husbands, but again, it's their choice and even the most conservative preacher will never suggest that the husband can or should in any way enforce this submission, totally disregarding such Bible verses as Gen18:19

For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the LORD, to do justice and judgment; that the LORD may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him. (I guess ''household" included his wife as well)

and 1Timothy:4-5

One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

On the other hand, the men who rightly criticise the situation with the Western women often are just as vague on the duties of both s8xes. That is, they will mention that a man should work and earn an income, but not that it's his duty to be the breadwinner just as his wife's duty is to be a homemaker. In fact, many are fine with her bringing home a paycheck of her own and will gladly cook the dinner themselves just as long as she isn't some raging b88ch. 

Actually, most would tell you the same story, that it's up to a couple to decide the way they live. Their opposition to feminism is basically opposition to women being b8tchy and complaints about not getting enough s88.

The word "duty" appears to totally have left the modern Western lexicon. Herein lies the problem...

Friday, March 17, 2023

Feminists Angry Again

 Baking is the new face of "white supremacy"

Then a trend on TikTok began emerging that gained traction very quickly. It was women simply posting their daily lives as traditional housewives. They cooked, they cleaned, they looked nice for their breadwinning husband, and they took care of the children during the day.

It’s a trend being called “tradwife.”...

 But for feminists, this trend is dangerous because it invites a return to the sexism and racism of old. As Fox News reported, various mainstream publications have now jumped on the trend, attempting to discredit and excoriate it as evil:


“The new trend for submissive women has a dark heart and history,” reads one headline from The Guardian.

An article from Hypebae slapped the videos as “disturbing,” writing “[they] typically feature a cis straight white women, longing for the ’50s – an era where some women could opt out of participate in the corporate working world and be stay-at-home mothers instead.”

And a third from Grazia magazine accused the trend of “romanticizing an era where sexism and racism ruled.”


 As usual, feminists are lying through their teeth. First, the whole world is not the USA with its racial problems. Most Euro countries used to be like 99% white in the past and guess what? Most married women stayed home. Was it because of racism? Towards whom? It's a common lie that "most women always worked". Most unmarried women had to work, most married women stayed home as far back as the Roman times and beyond. Serfs had to go into the fields, both male and female. They were like 1/3 of the population, hardly the majority. Also, serfdom in Western Europe has been abolished somewhere around 13th century.

Second, now do "brown women" in countries like India and Pakistan. What do most married women do in those countries? Do they have careers much? I guess anything is racism now. May be, if you don't like the European countries, get the H**l out?

 P.S. Here is a post with statistics on how many women worked in the USA in 1890 vs now:

More detailed information on family indicators starts to become available in 1890; for instance 2.2% of white (native white, both parents native) married women worked in 1890; also in 1890 10.3% of all white women 25 to 54 years old worked (37.3% of black women and 14.9% of all women worked in this age range).

 Traditional labour division has nothing to do with the 1950s, the year which feminists have a weird obsession about:)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Why Conservatives Keep Losing

 because of the likes of this guy:

 For as long as parents have shared the blessings of liberty with their children, there has been opposition from regressive, fearful conservatives. From the ancient near eastern parents who had the courage to let their children pass through the fire as an offering to Moloch in good faith, to the Jonestown parents who had their children drink kool-aid in good faith, to parents who had their kids' prepubescent ovaries removed in good faith, hateful naysayers have never been in short supply. Why? I'm not sure, but I know it can't be a good-faith instinct to protect children. More than likely, it's a cold, calculated grasp for power perpetuated by Christian Supremacists.

Yeah, I know it's satire, but it sums up his writing pretty nicely, and that goes for many establishment "Conservatives":

Do I want Boston Children's Hospital to dedicate the new David French Blessings Of Liberty Gender Surgery wing to me? Maybe. Do I want doctors to call their double-mastectomy procedure on young girls the "David French Special," with the coupon code "DISPATCH" entitling them to a half-off surgery? Maybe. Do I want to keep writing my columns, earning acceptance from a godless culture that hates me, my peers, and my God? Yes. Yes, I do.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Face Of Female Entitlement

 Delusion is strong with this one:


42 years old. Makes a long list of demands. Not a word of what she herself brings to the table. It's a wonder she's still single:))) 

H/t Ramzpaul

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Reasons For Divorce

 People like these online debates but they are really going nowhere since all divorce nowadays per definition is a no-fault divorce. They (divorced people) can cite any reason to you or no reason at all or something vague about "being incompatible" and you will never know the truth.

In the times past the official reasons for divorce were sometimes called "the 4 "A"s" as it was adultery, abandonment, abuse and addiction. However, the wife couldn't just go to the judge and claim her husband abused her and a man couldn't simply accuse his wife of adultery, you needed to prove it in court, sometimes with witnesses. 

The only way to prevent the majority of divorces happening nowadays is to change the law and go back to the old system. Then as the new laws are being written we could debate what really constitutes abuse and is grounds for divorce or does the husband refusing to work constitute abandonment or some such thing. Until that, it's all just empty words.

In a dating situation, every man and every woman will have to decide for themselves whether this divorced person they like so much had Biblical grounds for divorce or should they take a safe road and dump him or her.

Despite what libertarians tell you (and many Boomers unfortunately fell for these lies) the law does indeed influence and modify human behaviour. It's not the only factor as the culture is a big one, too which, of course, includes the mass media. However, the MSM and the culture, too, are subject to the influence of the laws of the country. In the much-demonised 1950s, for instance, the laws and codes in the USA forbade showing divorce in a positive light in entertainment, which influenced the way people thought about it.

You can notice it in non-Western cultures, too. The countries which prohibit the Islamic practice of using Talak 3 times as a way to divorce one's wife like Turkey and India have much less divorce than say, Iraq where it is allowed and where, from what I read in the recent years it became quite common for the men to divorce their wives for any small reason (because, unlike what meninists online will tell you, men aren't immune to sinful behaviours).

Turkey also prohibits polygamy and there is a strong expectation that the man will be the breadwinner and the wife a homemaker. However, they also have a law which states that a married woman can't be legally employed unless her husband allows it, in writing. 

So they have a law supporting traditional family + a strong cultural expectation that the man will be the sole breadwinner which more or less counteracts their media (Their TV shows are pretty liberal and nowadays even feature strong female warriors and stuff).

That's why all this finger-pointing about who is to blame for the present mess, men or women simply makes no sense. I'd say both are to blame, but when the MSM is an absolute poison AND the law attacks the traditional family, you can't expect any other result. 

If someone else is to blame, it's absolutely the Church collectively as they mostly refuse to speak truth to power, unlike the martyrs of the past times. I mean imagine John the Baptist would be so cowardly?

All this doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to positively influence the culture around us, or that it's impossible to live like a good Christian or even have a traditional family, but in the current climate it's getting increasingly difficult and many struggle. Society as a whole won't change for better though unless and until the laws  change, and no revival will help. Christians should have no libertarian illusions about that. 

An encouraging thought is that we still have pockets of resistance and are free to practise our religion and live the way we like. You can still choose to marry instead of living together, not to get divorced, have traditional "gender" roles and raise your kids the same way. Just don't expect that everybody or even most people around you will approve, and that, unfortunately, sometimes will include your own family and even other Christians. But why should you care if you know you are doing right?

As someone said so well, it's doesn't really matter what other people say and do. It's only what the Bible says what matters...

Thursday, March 9, 2023



"Going off the rails on a crazy train" is a perfect description of what's happening with the West. Someone should use this song and make a compilation of everything that has been going on in the last 5+ years. Gilets jaunes, corona protests, farmer's revolt, the return of cold war and the nuclear threat etc etc.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Thoughts On Women In Health Care

I think many people would agree that one branch of economy where female labour appears indispensable, is health care, and especially the care of female patients. So how could this issue be resolved in a traditional society? 

When we look to the past, most hospitals here in Europe were run by religious organisations, especially the Catholic Church (but not only). Nurses and sometimes doctors were nuns, the same is true about elderly care. In Lutheran cultures, as far as I know, there were also religious women who would perform this kind of job, the difference being that after some time they could quit and get married, unlike nuns (I read somewhere they had to serve for 5 years or something).

Further on, in some traditional cultures all the women got basic medical training, including midwifery. Birth only became highly medicalised in the 2nd half of the 19th century. Here in the Netherlands, many women still have the child at home with a trained midwife, and I heard it's not unusual in UK, too. 

In fact, I once read a story on a British site which happened during the initial stage of corona, when a woman who was about to give birth phoned the doctor's office and they told her they couldn't sent anyone due to the pandemic but would give her instructions on the phone ( that was her 2nd child so luckily she had some experience). 

I have a Dutch 1st aid book at home which has a chapter on what to do in the case some woman goes into labour and there is no medical help available, so even lay midwives don't sound so far-fetched. 

In other countries, I heard, due to the shortage of medical personnel they ask family to come and spend nights in the hospital nursing their family. Here they just kick you out as soon as possible, and though we have a system of home care, they do ask nowadays if the relatives can perform such tasks as giving injections or wound cleaning (happened with my mother-in-law).

Of course, some types of medical care are very high-tech and/or need years of study and specialisation and couldn't be outsourced but many simple things certainly could which would further reduce the need for professional female work outside home.

Just a couple of thoughts...

Monday, March 6, 2023

Deep Down The Rabbit Hole

 Corona is mostly gone but the damage it did to the mental health of both liberals and conservatives, is still there. 

With liberals it's more or less obvious, all this triple masking, endless boosters and treating it as the new incarnation of Black Death in general, but what about conservatives?

Most of the internet Right went deep down the rabbit hole of various conspiracy theories. Corona doesn't exist, everybody who took the vaxx will die within 2 years (still waiting for this one), Western governments just want to kill everybody etc are bad enough, but with some people it went much further than that.

Take, e.g. Roosh. Before Covid started, I used to frequent his site and read the discussions quite regularly, but nowadays I seldom even bother. The guy is a trained microbiologist, yet he now entertains the theory that bacteria and viruses don't even exist, that the infectious disease doesn't exist, either, and practices harsh censorship banning every dissenter. 

It naturally attracts similar types. The latest pearl of wisdom I read over there is that brushing your teeth is not necessary and just "eating right" will be enough. I mean WT*? 

He's not the only one, of course. Some Gab personalities went right from "corona doesn't exist" to other major world events don't exist, for instance, what's currently happening in Ukraine is all "deep fake" apparently.  I mean, by this logic, how do I know that America exists? After all, I've never been there. May be you guys are all fake, after all?

Oh yes, and Damar Hamlin has been cloned. VD has been on this one, too, in between talking about getting rid of all the Boomers (some people really hate their parents, I guess). 

Frankly, it makes the Right sound retarded. We should be better than that.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Does Depression Even Exist?

 Depression in general and post-partum depression in particular.

Here are some interesting links:

No evidence that depression is caused by low serotonin levels

Does Depression Exist? (from HuffPost, no less) 

Another article with the same name raises some very interesting questions:

Does depression exist? I don’t mean to imply that those with depression should just “pull themselves together”: of course depression symptoms exist (and are sometimes life-ruining). And of course those symptoms often overlap with each other, which certainly implies that there’s a common cause. But is there a thing we can point to in someone’s brain — or some identifiable part of their psychology — that’s called “depression”?

In my opinion, what we call "depression" is the consequence of stress and chronic stress leads to a long-term depression, which appears to be supported by evidence, as this article on post-partum depression states:

The women were asked in interviews about how much support they received from their families and the child's father and about their symptoms of depression. In addition, blood samples from all participants were analyzed to assess their levels of placental corticotropin-releasing hormone (pCRH), a stress hormone released from the placenta...

... Hahn-Holbrook and her colleagues discovered that pregnant women who reported the greatest support from their families had lower levels of depressive symptoms. They also had the least dramatic increases in pCRH and the lowest absolute levels of pCRH in the third trimester of pregnancy...

...These results are consistent with the idea that social support limits abnormal pCRH increases and that lower pCRH levels, in turn, reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

See also this article:

How Other Cultures Prevent Postpartum Depression 

Finally, this guy argues that suffering from depression and/or anxiety happens because your life generally s8cks and it won't get better until you actively try to improve it.  

Thoughts? Feel free to share your experiences!


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Who Would Work If All The Women Quit?

 Those who advocate for traditional lifestyle are often asked that question. Now, first of all, there is no country on Earth where some women don't work, with the probable exception of Afghanistan? Not really sure what's going on there.

The question is really a straw-man and a typical example of arguing in bad faith.In every society there are women who aren't suitable to be wives and mothers, the types who used to become nuns and pr8stitutes in Middle Ages. In later period in Protestant countries it was mostly unmarried women who worked, according to the statistics I read, about 50% of single women in the end of the 19th century used to hold a job, and some married women too, though few. 

So it's true that some females always worked, what changed is that now every woman, including wives and even mothers of small children is expected to work as well, at least part-time. We are told that the society will collapse without their input. 

The point is, how much female labour do we really need and who used to do all these jobs before? 10 years ago I hardly ever saw a female paramedic. 20 years ago they were non-existent in my area. Now every single ambulance has a woman in it. Who used to perform this job in 2003? Well, you guessed it, men! Just like there were only men bus chauffeurs, male veterinarians etc etc. 

Since their wives, mothers and girl-friends started working, men in my country significantly reduced their working hours, started retiring early and spend their 20s getting often useless degrees. Anything goes as long as they don't have to exert themselves in the workforce. 

So the answer to the question above is: men. If the majority of women go back home than men will have to take over and start working full time again. One could argue that some professions are uniquely suitable for women, such as daycare workers. In fact, there is already a push in countries like Germany to have actual males work in daycare changing diapers. But really, nobody would even need daycare if mothers stayed home with their kids. 

A society could probably function perfectly well with only about 10% of all women working. And most traditionalists would be fine with that.