Monday, March 27, 2023

Woke brigade never sleeps

 Agatha Christie is next:

The sensitivity readers are said to have edited down dialogue from Christie's character Mrs. Allerton from the 1937 Poirot novel Death on the Nile. In the text, she criticized a group of annoying children, saying, "their eyes are simply disgusting, and so are their noses." The new version reportedly removes this description.

“The Nubian boatman” is now just “the boatman” in the same novel.

The 1964 Miss Marple novel A Caribbean Mystery had a few revisions as well, with the new edition missing the description of a West Indian hotel worker as having “such lovely white teeth.” A reference to a female character having “a torso of black marble such as a sculptor would have enjoyed” was also done away with. A racial slur used against individuals with black or brown skin was further removed from the book.

In her 1920 debut novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles, the Poirot's comment about another character being “a Jew, of course” has additionally been cut. In the same book, all references to gypsies have been deleted.

As for her book Miss Marple’s Final Cases and Two Other Stories, the new edition changes the description of an angry character from “his Indian temper” to just "his temper."

"Natives" has also reportedly been replaced with the word "local." 

I should add that the new, "improved" Bible version being currently promoted over here, does away with the word "whoredom" substituting it with "unchaste behaviour" or something similarly gay.I guess as not to hurt the feelings of whores and whoremongers. 1984 was a prophecy....

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