Thursday, March 2, 2023

Who Would Work If All The Women Quit?

 Those who advocate for traditional lifestyle are often asked that question. Now, first of all, there is no country on Earth where some women don't work, with the probable exception of Afghanistan? Not really sure what's going on there.

The question is really a straw-man and a typical example of arguing in bad faith.In every society there are women who aren't suitable to be wives and mothers, the types who used to become nuns and pr8stitutes in Middle Ages. In later period in Protestant countries it was mostly unmarried women who worked, according to the statistics I read, about 50% of single women in the end of the 19th century used to hold a job, and some married women too, though few. 

So it's true that some females always worked, what changed is that now every woman, including wives and even mothers of small children is expected to work as well, at least part-time. We are told that the society will collapse without their input. 

The point is, how much female labour do we really need and who used to do all these jobs before? 10 years ago I hardly ever saw a female paramedic. 20 years ago they were non-existent in my area. Now every single ambulance has a woman in it. Who used to perform this job in 2003? Well, you guessed it, men! Just like there were only men bus chauffeurs, male veterinarians etc etc. 

Since their wives, mothers and girl-friends started working, men in my country significantly reduced their working hours, started retiring early and spend their 20s getting often useless degrees. Anything goes as long as they don't have to exert themselves in the workforce. 

So the answer to the question above is: men. If the majority of women go back home than men will have to take over and start working full time again. One could argue that some professions are uniquely suitable for women, such as daycare workers. In fact, there is already a push in countries like Germany to have actual males work in daycare changing diapers. But really, nobody would even need daycare if mothers stayed home with their kids. 

A society could probably function perfectly well with only about 10% of all women working. And most traditionalists would be fine with that.


  1. In my country, we have like 200 000 unemployed men. Far too many young men are total outcast, just playing video games all day long. I reckon they gould work, if women stopped. They might actually FIND a job or a place to study.

    Also really many jobs female do are something not worth doing. I my country, most bureucrates are female. Everyone working in the "unemployment office", or child protection, social welfare office. Also those daycare workers, that we would not need, if women stayed at home.

    I do believe we need female nurses to take care of female patients, and female police officers, if there is a need to do body check for a female. But otherwise, there is no job a woman can do but a man cannot.

    And in most western countries we have really many unemployed people. That problem would solve itself, if women stayed at home.

  2. Well, many young men hardly ever work at all, they now have mothers supporting them. Should be vice versa. I agree about nurses, and may be primary school teachers. In Catholic countries nuns used to do these types of jobs.

  3. One issue is that women compete for many of what used to be men's jobs, but none of them want to step up to the plate and support a man making less or staying home. It's something I could have compromised on if I had found a grown up woman who does not only like feminism when it benefits women.

  4. Because women supporting men is abnormal and even most liberals and feminists deep down understand it. It's a male equivalent of being a sl8t, despite all the empowerment talk, sl8t shaming still exists and won't go anywhere.

  5. And an able-bodied man who would actually settle for his wife supporting him staying home, can hardly be called a man at all. Too low T-lewels, apparently, if man is not willing to achieve and conquer. Or at least be a breadwinner.

    One of the reasons we HAVE feminism and all this nonsense is that men stopped being men, when the Pill was invented. Maybe there's too much female hormones in drinking water or something, but really many modern men are incredible weaklings. They kind of force women to work and be independent, because one cannot rely on them!

    I thank God thousans times a day that he gave me a husband who is an actual male.

  6. Yes but the main reason is the elites promoting it and changing laws. I'm planning to write a post about it.