Saturday, August 15, 2020

It's This Time Of The Year Again

When folks are going on vacation and so we are planning to spend a couple of weeks with our Eastern neighbours. I bought a whole pack of face masks yesterday because they say in Germany you need to wear them in stores, we'll see how strictly it is enforced. Anyway, it's their country their rules, I guess, I'm glad we are still able to go anywhere abroad.

The heat wave is more or less over, it was rough this year, my small airco hardly cooled at all in the end and the temps in our bedroom probably never fell under 28*C. Yesterday I went and visited a couple of friends and everybody looked like they were hit by a truck, I looked (and certainly felt) the same:) Makes one think hard about installing a split system, but they use 5 kwh I heard which is insanely expensive so I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it. May be, it will be colder next summer.

The comments will be switched to moderation tomorrow, until we return, so see you all later!

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